Model Legislation

Model legislation available for your state. We’re happy to work directly with legislators and grassroots groups on strategies to help them pass.

  • Surveillance: NSA, Stingrays, ALPRs, Drones – get it here
  • The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, get it here
  • End the Fed from the Bottom Up
  • Marijuana “Sanctuary State”– the PEACE Act, get it here
  • Stop Federal Militarization of Police, get it here
  • Asset Forfeiture and the Federal Equitable Sharing Program, get it here
  • 5 Steps to Stop Obamacare, get it here
  • Hemp Freedom Act, get it here
  • Defend the Guard Act, get it here
  • Human Dignity Protection (CIA Rendition) available soon

Take Action: Pick out one or two bills where you have issues that match your interests. Then, contact your state legislators – rep and senator. Send them a copy of the bill and firmly, but politely ask them to introduce for the 2021 legislative session.


Note: We recommend no more than 2 bills per legislator, as it will take considerable time and energy to work the bill through the legislator process.  If you’d like to see all the bills introduced, work to find another sponsor after you’ve secured one for the first 2 bills.


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