Obama and Holder: Making Killing “Legal”

Welcome to the strange new world of Barack Obama’s war on terror, in which there are no declarations of war against countries that foment or harbor enemy activities, as the Constitution authorizes, and in which the president claims the powers of a king by killing whomever he wishes under a rationale that his lawyers wrote for him and that he has desperately tried to keep secret.


Do Unto Others…A Lesson for Foreign Policy

Have you ever thought about what your relationship with your less savory neighbors might look like if you approached them the same way the United States handles its foreign policy?

Up until about a month ago, a couple lived in our neighborhood, and I’m relatively certain they dealt drugs out of their home. We saw many tell-tale signs, including people coming and going at odd hours. They didn’t keep the house up very well, and some unsavory looking characters tended to hang around.  Then there was the occasional police activity. Needless to say, we didn’t consider those folks our best neighbors. And on more than one occasion, I considered the possibility that they could pose a danger to my property, or even my family. You just never know what might happen with those elements in the neighborhood.

So one night, I went over to the house and shot them both.

Call it a preemptive strike.

OK, I didn’t really go next door and shoot them. I just broke all of the windows out of their house and firebombed their car as a warning.

OK, obviously I didn’t do that either, evidenced by fact that I’m not typing this with the shadow of bars cutting across my desk.