Freedom is Better Than Bailouts

Freedom is Better Than Bailouts

by Randy Brogdon, Oklahoma State Senate ******* Senator Brogdon is a featured speaker at Nullify Now! in Fort Worth – on September 4th click here to get your tickets today! (or call 888-71-TICKETS) ******* The only solution to our nation’s economic woes is...

Hope For Financial Freedom

by Timothy Baldwin The financial system our federal government created in 1913 and thereafter maintained has created nothing but iron chains around the hands, feet and necks of the states of America. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand the...

Obama’s Fake “Spending Freeze”

by Ron Paul Last week politicians in Washington made a few things clear about how they really feel about the state of the union. First, they are beginning to hear the growing discontent with the size and scope of government and the broken promises that keep piling up....
Concordia res parvae crescunt
Small things grow great by concord...

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