When I registered the TenthAmendmentCenter.com domain on June 25, 2006 – I thought I had a nice idea for a blog to discuss how the federal government would rarely, if ever, stay within the confines of the Constitution.

Long story short, that blog has grown into something much more. And today, the TAC is not just pointing out failures on the federal level. We also spend considerable time educating people on the founders Constitution, and getting them active to do something about it via nullification.

So on June 25th, 2014 – we’ll be celebrating with the following:

  1. NEW Publication, State of the Nullification Movement:  This is a first-of-its-kind white paper giving a full status on the nullification movement in 2014. As Tom Woods mentioned to me in an interview recently, without the TAC tying it all together, people might not realize what’s happening around the country.  I’m in the process of writing this now and will have it available for your reading – and sharing – by our anniversary.
  2. EVENT, Ask Me Anything:  Every 4-8 weeks, we allow our members to participate in an “AMA” – an online q/a session where members can, well, ask anything they’d like.  To celebrate our anniversary, we’re going to hold one of these AMA events for everyone.  The date isn’t set – yet – but I expect it to be on the 25th.  Stay tuned!
  3. EVENT, Time to Make the Donuts:  I have fond memories of that great ad campaign from Dunkin Donuts, where “Fred the Baker” woke up well before dawn to get to work. It showed a relentless dedication to one’s work.  Well, here at TAC, that’s not just some ad campaign, it’s what we do every day.  And we totally rely on your help to “make the donuts” to keep moving.  In other words, we need to pay the bills.  Without hitting our $15K fundraising goal in the next 2 months, we’re going to have to start shutting things down piece by piece.  So, when you get that email for our fundraiser later this month – or a letter in the mail asking for help – please dig deep and do everything you can to help us make those donuts and keep the doors open!


Provided you’re able to help us cover our base expenses, we’ve got a number of projects on deck for the next 6 months.  Primarily, we want to build and expand on our direct outreach and activism in support of specific nullification efforts.  This includes:

  • 2nd Amendment Preservation
  • #NullifyNSA
  • Nullify Obamacare
  • Stop Warrantless drone spying
  • and more.

We’ll update our model legislation to fit more specific needs on a state by state basis, provide more dedicated support for state legislators and grassroots groups alike, and many other behind the scenes steps to get more nullification bills introduced, and passed.

We’re also working on expanding what we’ve already been doing to start campaigns in new areas, and areas that we’ve barely scratched the surface.

  • Common Core
  • Constitutional Tender
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Intrastate Commerce
  • and more.

And, of course, we’re working hard to expand our educational materials.  With powerful featured articles, blogs – and hopefully even some video messaging again too.

Stay tuned, we’ve got great projects on the way – and working together, we’ll continue to stand for the Constitution and your liberty in 2015 and beyond!

Thank you for all your support!

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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