Michael Boldin

Executive Director

Michael [send him email] is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. He was raised in Milwaukee, WI, and has lived in Los Angeles, CA since 1995. According to the SPLC’s profile page on him, Michael “is an ideologue who has spent years promoting the idea that states can “nullify” federal legislation they don’t like — the very same argument pushed by defenders of slavery and segregation.” https://tenthamendmentcenter.com

Latest Articles

Applying James Madison's Strategy to Stopping Federal Gun Control

Applying James Madison’s Strategy to Stopping Federal Gun Control

A single state following Madison’s strategy would create troubles for the feds. A large state would cause serious issues for ...
How Free People Should Respond to Unconstitutional Acts

How Free People Should Respond to Unconstitutional Acts

Ultimately - it’s up to “we the people” to protect and defend their own constitution and their own liberty - ...
Alexander Hamilton's Biggest Big Government Plan

Alexander Hamilton’s Biggest Big Government Plan

Alexander Hamilton had a lot of big government plans for the United States, but his craziest plan may have been ...
Propaganda: Calling it Inflation Rather than Depreciation

Propaganda: Calling it Inflation Rather than Depreciation

The founding generation has a much better word for it: depreciation. That is, when the supply of money is increased ...
Patriot Act at 22: We can only be Truly Safe when We're Free

Patriot Act at 22: We can only be Truly Safe when We’re Free

As long as people live in fear - and look to the largest government in history to “protect” them, things ...
The Senate: More Warnings Ignored?

The Senate: More Warnings Ignored?

A permanent aristocracy of sorts - despite federalist assurances to the contrary - with senators mostly serving for life - ...

“We need to exercise our rights whether the government wants us to or not!”

Latest Blog Posts

  • James Madison vs Federal Gun Control

    Zero. That’s the number of federal gun control measures authorized by the Constitution. But they’re not going to end themselves. As the “Father of the […]

  • Dear Feds: GFY

    The largest government in history is incredibly abusive - of your rights, of your money, of the constitution - of pretty much everything. The people need a […]

  • The 10th Amendment They Want You To Ignore

    Politicians love that the people know little to nothing about “the foundation of the Constitution” - and how to keep the government in check, whether the […]

  • Resist Much. Obey Little.

    Creating a real “land of the free” requires a people who not only love liberty - but have the backbone to resist and defy governments that violate their […]

  • Nullify This! Top-4 for 2024

    With “nullification season” right around the corner, here’s an overview of the top-4 programs that absolutely have to go if we ever want to get to a real […]

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