Kevin Gutzman: noted Constitutional Scholar, University Professor and the best-selling author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution” will be appearing on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN on Wednesday 04-15-09 – the estimated time is 7:30PM Eastern.

Make sure you tune in to see a rarity – an expert on the 10th Amendment getting a chance to speak in the mainstream press.

From the WSCU website, here’s a little more about Dr. Gutzman:

Professor Kevin R. C. Gutzman is an expert in the Middle Period of American history, 1760-1877, with additional areas of expertise in American constitutional and Southern history. Dr. Gutzman was Distinguished Visiting Professor of History at New College in Sarasota, Florida (March 2008).    He was a featured expert in the documentary film “John Marshall: Citizen, Statesman, Jurist” (FFH, 2005).  His latest book is Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush (co-authored with Thomas E. Woods, Jr.).  He is the author of the best-selling volume The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution (Regnery Press, 2007) and Virginia’s American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic, 1776-1840 (Lexington Books, 2007), as well as the essay, “Lincoln as Jeffersonian: The Colonization Chimera” (which appears in Lincoln Emancipated: The President and the Politics of Race, ed. Brian Dirck (Northern Illinois University Press, 2007)).

Dr. Gutzman has published peer-reviewed articles in The Journal of Southern History, The Journal of the Early Republic, The Review of Politics, The Journal of the Historical Society, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, and other journals; over fifty encyclopedia articles; scholarly reviews of over eighty books, films, and exhibitions in all the leading history journals; and numerous other essays in publications both scholarly and popular

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The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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