Leading up to the American Revolution, tensions grew for some time between the rulers and the ruled.

King George had dragged America into a never-ending war with the French and native tribes, claimed it was for our benefit, and then taxed us to pay for it. He dissolved local legislatures and rejected the right to home rule. His agents claimed absolute authority to invade the privacy of individual Americans, reading their communications without probable cause or a warrant from a judge.

All this, the people resisted peacefully. Only when the Crown’s army arrived to confiscate the people’s firearms in Concord was the first shot fired in the war for American independence.

Joe Biden should reflect on this lesson of history.

As Thomas Jefferson noted in the Declaration of Independence, we are “disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable,” but Americans have never suffered any attempt to disarm the public. In the same manner that Romans feared a military general “crossing the Rubicon” with his army, Americans widely fear gun confiscation as a “point of no return” down our own road to serfdom.

During the eight years President Obama and Vice President Biden failed to pass gun control through Congress, and even as Trump instituted his “bump-stock” ban, the American people were passing constitutional carry state-by-state.

What began in small states—like Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire—is now law in 20 states, having recently been signed into law in America’s second-largest state: the Republic of Texas. Once signed by the governor, nearly one in four Americans will live in a constitutional carry state where no license or registration is required for law-abiding citizens of age to carry a firearm.

Joe Biden did not campaign on gun control. He has no mandate on this issue, not even from liberal Americans who became one of the fastest-growing demographics of new gun owners over the last year. And yet, Biden is proposing the most radical anti-gun agenda of any American president.

Biden is calling for the mass confiscation of commonly owned rifles, like the AR-15 rifle, which is functionally identical to the common hunting rifle in all but cosmetic features.

This week, Biden’s DOJ released model legislation for a “Super Red Flag” bill, combining the worst parts of similar laws in states ranging from New York to California. The bill would allow anyone—from government agents to ex-girlfriends—to report their fellow citizens for vaguely defined “dangerous” behavior, sending government agents to their homes to confiscate their firearms without notice or due process. If past is prologue, Biden will likely attempt to ransom federal taxpayer dollars to strongarm states into passage of this legislation.

On top of this, Biden has nominated David Chipman—a prominent gun control activist and apologist for government use of military-grade weapons to kill American citizens in Waco—to be his enforcer leading the ATF, Washington’s $1.6 billion gun confiscation agency. Gun control groups funded by NYC billionaire Mike Bloomberg had Chipman on their payroll for years and are now actively lobbying the Senate to confirm him for the position.

Chipman, an outspoken proponent for a national ban on so-called “assault weapons,” despite repeated asks from Republican senators, willfully evaded defining the term during recent confirmation hearings.

At first glance, one might compare his attitude on gun control to Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement on Obamacare: ”We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” This may, however, give Chipman and the Biden Administration too much credit for imagining they intend to follow the Constitution even to the degree of passing a bill. After all, Vice President Kamala Harris has already said publicly that gun control should be enacted by executive order.

Joe Biden should learn from the example of King George: gun confiscation is the one tyranny Americans will never stand. Americans are winning back their right to keep and bear arms with constitutional carry state-by-state, and we are not about to let Washington, D.C. disarm us. Meanwhile, states such as Missouri and Arizona have passed laws to end cooperation with the enforcement of some federal gun control.

If President Biden continues pushing gun control, he is going to discover millions of Americans declaring the motto of the newest soon-to-be constitutional carry state: “Come and take it.”

Eric Brakey