It was a big week for the nullification movement, with more than 15 bills moving forward, including an Arizona bill to shut down a critical enforcement mechanism for the Affordable Care Act and Virginia bills that would help bring down a recently-revealed nationwide license-plate tracking program.


An Arizona house panel voted 5-1 to pass HB2643 – a bill that would prohibit the Arizona Department of Insurance (DOI) from investigating or enforcing any violations of federally mandated health insurance requirements. This would be extremely problematic for the feds. Since they don’t have a health insurance enforcement agency, passage would mean that no one would investigate claims of violating the federal act.

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that the federal DEA has been tracking the location of millions of drivers – without suspicion of any crime. They get access to much of this location data from state-operated Automated License Plate Readers. In Virginia, both Houses passed bills that would restrict the use of these ALPRs and block the transfer of their data to the federal government for general surveillance. As the Tenth Amendment Center’s Mike Maharrey put it, “No data means no national tracking program.” The two Virginia chambers are currently working out some technical differences in the bill and it should be off to the Governor’s desk soon.

Also in Arizona, bills to block federal gun control, executive orders, and new EPA rules moved forward. In North Dakota, an industrial hemp farming bill passed its first step by a 13-0 vote. And in Utah, the state house voted 71-1 to pass the Right to Try Act – a bill that would effectively nullify in practice some FDA restrictions on terminally-ill patients.

Learn more and take action to move bills forward in your state here:

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