The establishment promotes political ideas that accrue power at the expense of the People’s economic and civil liberty.

The establishment promotes political tactics that encourage those involved to focus attention on the federal government where the message can be controlled.

Liberty efforts ultimately fail not because they reject establishment ideas, but because they continue to limit themselves to establishment-endorsed tactics.

Today, there are 545 federal politicians and judges making bad decisions that negatively affect 300,000,000 citizens. This represents a highly centralized power structure incompatible with American founding, history and customs. This general shift in power from a republic composed of sovereign states to a single all-knowing “national” government has occurred because well-meaning citizens used inferior tactics against ambitious politicians, and lost repeatedly. Over a span of 200 years the People have allowed central government advocates to define the battleground at the national level, which is an unfriendly battleground for those that champion limited government.

The People will continue to fall for the lure of popular tactics and continue to lose ground, or they will adopt winning tactics and prevail. Here is how to win.

A Fool’s Game

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” – H. L. Mencken

What we are faced with is a David versus Goliath scenario. When presented with this scenario, the natural inclination is to attack the problem head-on at the top. Logically, this seems like the best way to achieve rapid results. However, a federal presidential race is not a strategically viable point of attack for serious grassroots efforts. Even federal offices are generally untouchable because the People lack the organization and financial ability to compete at that level.

Attempts by the liberty movement to “vote ’em out”, “sign a petition” or “write a letter” are ignored and fail consistently. This defeat comes not because the limited government idea succumbs to superior debate or more powerful political ideas, but primarily because the chosen tactics cannot overcome the brute force of mass media and old-school political influence.

There is no doubt that the establishment finds comfort in their ability to control and leverage massive communication channels. This provides a virtual monopoly on the national message experienced daily by most Americans. This mass marketing capability is represented below by the large blue arrows coming in from the bottom, labeled “Message” Marketing. You can think of these arrows as the mass media, the national politicians, and your friends who continually trumpet Republican or Democrat talking points. The establishment is confident that their general message of fear, insecurity and unearned entitlements will drive the perceived need for unconstitutional centralized government.

Tenther Marketing Plan

In order to compete with this mass media monopoly, the liberty movement must adopt a strategy that builds on strengths of the movement itself