Strike While the Iron is HotOn Saturday morning, I sent out an email to all Tenth Amendment Center subscribers that was extremely difficult for me to write. (read it here)  I had to tell everyone about TAC being in financial trouble.  It’s not an easy thing to ask for help with money, but I didn’t know what else to do.

Long-story short: Sometimes you feel like you’re all alone in the world. And sometimes, like this past weekend, you realize that more people have your back than you ever imagined.

I am truly humbled by what happened.
(see the results and join in here:

As of this writing, we’ve raised more than 8 times the amount we needed to keep the doors open and just scrape by.  You know what that tells me?  You believe in what we’re doing and want us to have the ability to do more than just get by. You want to see us grow and lead the movement to the next level.

That’s just what we intend to do.


I’m a long-term planner, and always think of the big picture rather than just now, now, now.  So I’ve had an informal plan of attack in case we ever got to a point where we had some additional funds on hand.  So while I don’t yet have our next steps set in stone, I have some specific goals and ways to achieve them ready to go.

I’d like to share them with you.  And more importantly, I’d like your feedback on what you think is the best direction for TAC to carry the banner in your movement for liberty.

First, some possible directions for where we’re going with the funding you’ve given us.

Goal #1.  Reach more people.

There are many reasons to reach more people with our message and our activism.  First and foremost, the more people we educate and get involved in this growing 10th Amendment movement around the country, the more success we’re going to see.

There will be more bills to nullify the feds on a state and local level on issues all over the spectrum.  There will be more people lobbying and taking action to get them passed.  And, there will more people backing them up with individual action.

This means there will be more thorns in the side of the monster that is Washington DC.  That’s always a good thing, because every step we take to make things difficult for the feds is a step forward to liberty.

Here’s a few ways we can expand our reach.

Increase our online advertising budget from 400-1000/month.  I’ve gotten quite good at building very targeted ad campaigns and have used them to successfully a) grow the number of people supporting TAC, and b) help get nullification bills passed.  Even though $1000/mo isn’t a huge number, it’s more than double what we’re doing now, so it will have some impact.

Grow our part-time outreach team.  By getting more boots on the ground, we can more effectively get involved in organizing grassroots efforts in states and local communities.  We can not only build a better ground-game, we can also do some direct phone-outreach when the additional support is needed.  Without a doubt, this is going to help more nullification bills get passed.

Goal #2.  Build on our Strong Foundation

When some groups get extra funding, the first thing they do is spend it all on a bunch of pricey projects that don’t provide concrete results.

– We’re not going to go on some big spending spree.  You won’t see a bunch of expensive YouTube videos, or TV ads, or anything super flashy that gets the attention of a few thousand people today, but we can’t afford to maintain.  We need to approach this like the tortoise vs the hare.  Whatever new projects we take on need to be something we can maintain over time.  That means one step at a time.  Well, thanks to your help, maybe we can take two steps this round.

Speed up development of our new Tenther Action Center.  I’ve written about this powerful new toolkit here.  Short version?  We’re building something that will empower people to easily take action on both a state and local level – a viral nullification toolkit.  While we can’t yet afford the whole project right now even with our recent boost, we could speed up the timeline and have some strong results.

Goal #3. To the next level

What’s our end-game?  Liberty.  In everything we’re doing now and in everything we’re considering doing next, the long-term goal is to take things to the next level towards liberty.

So while strengthening and expanding the Tenth Amendment Center is an important part of this process, it’s merely a means to the end.  The TAC is a powerful tool for liberty and the stronger we are as an organization, the more we can act like the tip of the spear – taking on those who would crush your liberty.

We’re going to do everything we can to wisely and effectively use the foundation you’ve given us.  And while this extra $24,000 is nothing compared to what the opposition has on hand, virtually no one has more bang for the buck than what we have accomplished here at TAC.

We’d move mountains with $100K, and while I realize that’s not going to happen today without a miracle, I can dream and plan for the kind of success we can achieve when we get to that level in the future.

In the meantime, we’re going to do the absolute best we can to make sure every dime you’ve given us will have the greatest impact possible.


This conversation is only happening because of the financial support you’ve given us, so I consider it extremely important to hear your thoughts, tool.

What do YOU think we should do now that we have a little funding to work with?

Please post your ideas in the comments below.  Let us know which ideas you think are good, and which are bad.  “Why” – that would be very helpful too.  And, if you think we should try something not mentioned, please share!


You are the lifeblood of our work, and everyone here is extremely grateful for your willingness to put your financial support and faith in what we do.

Our enemies never rest, and the great Samuel Adams taught us just what to do after success like we’ve seen here the past few days:

“Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made, which is the wish of our enemies, the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance.”

If you’d like to help us push on with “fortitude and perseverance” you can do so here:

Thank you.  I cannot properly express my deep appreciation for your support.

Michael Boldin

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