Is the US Government the worst rights violator on earth?

Well they sure don’t think so!

According to mainstream media reports, one of Barack Obama’s White House spokesmen said this in response to the recent “free speech” trial in Russia:

“While we understand that the group’s behavior was offensive to some, we have serious concerns about the way these young women have been treated by the Russian judicial system.”

Ok, so let me get this straight.

The leadership of the country with the most people in prison -anywhere on Earth other than North Korea – is lecturing another country about their judicial system?

Barack Obama, who last winter signed the 2012 NDAA authorizing nothing less than government-sanctioned kidnapping, is in favor of fair trials?  Maybe so, when he even allows his enemies to get a trial.  In the United States, if someone did what the Russian protest musicians did, they could have been declared “terrorists,” and thrown in prison forever, without charge, without representation, without trial.

So who the hell is he to lecture anyone about how a judicial system treats human beings?

The Russian leadership is filled with criminals, and their judicial system is extremely corrupt.  Defense lawyers were barred from calling most of the witnesses they wanted, including experts and some eyewitnesses, even as prosecutors were allowed to call witnesses who had seen the Pussy Riot performance only on video.

But here in the “land of the free,” things are even worse.

Barack Obama’s attorneys, in a recent court hearing on the NDAA, once again refused to assure the court that indefinite detention powers have not been used by the US government – even after Judge Forrest’s injunction against it.

Is a show trial worse than no trial at all?  Absolutely not. At least a show trial allows the world to see the corruption.  In Barack Obama’s America the government people are so corrupt they prefer secrecy.  They claim the power to take you off the street without anyone ever knowing it.  Have things gotten that bad?  With this recent court refusal, you’ll never know for sure.

What we do know for sure is that they have no problem arresting people without trial – at all.  Even though he’ll eventually get one, Bradley Manning has been incarcerated for over two years without trial.  And just this week, Brandon Raub was arrested for facebook posts – and forcibly sent to a psychiatric hospital without due process or even an attorney.

With tens of thousands of drones set to start monitoring Americans’ every move, the TSA violating the 4th amendment on nearly 2 million people every single day, mass ammunition purchases by even the Social Security Administration – and much more – the American government is the height of criminality.

For Obama’s spokesman to lecture the Russian government is sad, sick joke.  That would be like John Gotti complaining about the crimes of Al Capone.

Look, I don’t trust these people.  Any of them.  They’re all criminals, in my opinion.  But, you know what?  It’s the American government which which might be the most dangerous in the world.

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I don’t want them telling me what size my toilet should be or what kind of lightbulbs I can buy.  I don’t want them controlling my health care, my education, my retirement, or anything else.  I don’t want their taxes, or their inflation, or their funny money either.  I don’t want them to try to fix the environment or car companies so incompetent that they should be out of business.  I don’t want them sending guns to cartels across the border or to their so-called allies overseas either.  I don’t want them invading my neighborhood and shutting down businesses for selling a plant they don’t approve of or a type of milk they don’t like.   I don’t want them invading anyone at all.

Instead of violating rights at home and interfering with the lives and liberty of people around the rest of the world, the American government would serve a much better purpose to follow the Constitution – and butt the hell out.

Will it happen?  Without a completely different way of dealing with them – never.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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