That’s the only way I can describe how I’m feeling right now. Tomorrow, June 25th, we celebrate our 12-Year Anniversary at the TAC!

When I started the Tenth Amendment Center in 2006 as a simple one-person blog, my goal was to reach just a few people about the Constitution and liberty. Here we are – 12 years have flown by – and TAC has had an impact far beyond anything I ever imagined.

Since day one, this has been David vs. Goliath. TAC vs. the establishment. Good guys with almost nothing vs. the bad guys with everything.

Slowly, but surely, we’re still getting the job done.

Even though I’m the type of person who always thinks in big-picture-mode, in 2006 I had no idea where this would lead. While I hoped to start something important, I had no expectations of leading a movement. Or publishing books on the Constitution and nullification. Or releasing a documentary film and two follow up video series. Or producing a silver medallion.  Or having people I’ve never met join as members to support the cause.

We’ve seen more nullification bills introduced and PASSED than at any time in our history.

As my great friend Tom Woods once put it in an interview, TAC ”has done more than anyone in the world to advance the Jeffersonian principle of nullification.”


Thomas Jefferson considered the 10th Amendment the “foundation of the Constitution.”

As we’ve spread this message far and wide, we’ve found ourselves increasingly under attack. In recent years, the establishment on both the left and right has gone after us. But whether it’s the SPLC creating an entire page on their site profiling me personally as a leader of the “radical right,” or some top-level Bush-era neocons taking to the pages of the Washington Post to point out how dangerous our work is, it means we’re doing something right. As the saying goes, you’re not catching flak unless you’re over the target!

From cradle to grave, these people fill our heads with fear – fear that liberty is dangerous. We’re taught that without government schools, our children will be dumb. That without government-mandated health insurance, people will die in the streets. That without spying on your every move, your life is at risk.

The odds are always against the good guys. And with these kinds of odds – this is impossible, right? Most thinking people wouldn’t expect us to have a chance.

The bad guys can attack, insult, and propagandize all they want. They can claim that nullification is unconstitutional, or racist, or just for crazies.

Despite this, the Tenth Amendment Center has been able to lead a national movement.

Our annual “State of the Nullification Movement” report shows the foundation for liberty that we’ve been building. We see it as a prospectus, of sorts – like an annual “investors’ report” to show our members and supporters where we’ve gone, and some of the many things we still need to do. I encourage you to read it when you have some time, and please join us as a member if you believe in what we’re doing.

The 2018 edition will be available later this year.


I don’t want to bore you with too many of the details about why I started the Tenth Amendment Center, my transition from far leftie to Tenther and nullifier, or every little step I’ve taken along the way. But, it’s important to note that I started this organization with pie in the sky hopes, and very humble beginnings.

With a low-paying hourly job and almost no money in my pocket, I spent a few bucks and registered on June 25, 2006. The goal? I knew that if I spoke the truth, someone would hear it. Eventually, the truth would help that one person make the world a slightly better place. And then, I’d keep working until I could reach another person, and another.  And another.

You get the drift. One step at a time, one individual at a time for the Constitution and liberty.

It’s not possible to properly thank all the members, supporters, readers, volunteers, bloggers, organizers, interviewers, donors, friends, family – everyone who has done anything and everything over the years – to help us get to where we are. So I’ll keep it brief – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Every minute volunteered, every hour worked, every dollar donated – it’s all part of a big, long-term strategy to beat back the forces against us, and WIN for the Constitution and liberty.

Years ago, at least ten, a guy named Peter wrote in to encourage me to push on. It’s something I’ll never forget.

“Truth may not be forceful – but it can heal. It can even repair a broken world. Truth poses no threat to anyone save those who rely on untruth as the cornerstone of their foundations. It is time to speak the truth- irrespective of who is listening or even has the ears to hear.”

That sure hit home for me.

With your help, we’ll not only continue to get the job done right now, but we’ll go much further in the years to come. THANK YOU!

Concordia res parvae crescent
(small things grow great by concord)

Michael Boldin, TAC

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