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It’s Thanksgiving and I wanted to take a few minutes to give thanks.

First, the countless people who follow our website and support our work. They’ve subscribed, read, watched, engaged in comments, and sent us emails.

Many have helped us grow by sharing our articles, podcasts and videos. Others have donated their hard-earned money and many others make monthly donations to help us keep moving forward.

Our members, supporters, followers, subscribers – I can’t say thank you enough to each and every one of you. It just isn’t possible to do this without you.

Thank you.

Our social media channels have grown enormously – over 300,000 followers on facebook, with thousands more on twitter, youtube and instagram too.

On all these sites, people have liked, commented and shared our posts, and have taken no small part in our slogan – Concordia res parvae crescunt, which means small things grow great by concord.

To all our social media followers and patrons, thank you.

We’ve published more than 10,000 articles and blogs, along with hundreds of videos and podcasts.  There’s no way I could ever have done all this by myself.  So thank you to Mike Maharrey – and to all the great team members and volunteers that have given their time and expertise over the years to help us produce all this great content for others to read, like and share.

There are far too many of you to list, you know who you are – so thank you.

There are many other individuals and organizations that have just been amazing to us here at TAC.  We don’t even need to agree on everything for me to appreciate what I’ve learned from them, advice I’ve been given, or where we’ve worked together, collaborated, or just shared ideas.

Last, but definitely not least.  My partner of more than 14 years, Sarah Beth Rosa.  Without your love, support, patience and friendship… I’d be nothing.  Thank you, love – I can never express my gratitude enough.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Here’s to more liberty for you and your loved ones in 2018 and beyond.


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Michael Boldin