SALEM, Ore. (Oct. 18, 2015) – In the first week of limited marijuana sales in Oregon, dispensaries sold a staggering $11 million of weed – more than double the numbers from Colorado’s first week – proving state laws legalizing cannabis truly do nullify federal prohibition in practice .

The Free Thought Project reported on the first week of sales emphasizing, “Adults 21 and over have been violating federal law by purchasing marijuana at medical dispensaries.”

Meanwhile, there were no reported DEA raids or any other sign of federal enforcement.

According to the Oregon Retail Cannabis Association, members statewide estimated collecting $3.5 million in sales on the first day alone. Within one week of sales, Oregon has made more than twice as much as Colorado, which sold $5 million in its first week of legalizing recreational marijuana. In its first month, Washington sold $2 million.