The life of a liberty activist is not always the easiest road to follow. Sticking to principles and not simply selling out to the highest bidder can make it even tougher. We work long, long hours and get attacked from all sides of the political spectrum.

Just by keeping the message the same, we see shifts over who leads those attacks too. For example, during the Bush years, we’d often get conservatives attacking us for opposing his unconstitutional policies.


We hear things like –

“Are you with the terrorists? Bush is just trying to keep us safe. That’s his job!”

Or the classic…

“You don’t like it here? Move to Cuba, commie!”

These days, it’s the same kind of message, just a little moved around…

“”He’s not waging a ‘war’ – he’s trying to save those people in Libya from a horrible dictator!”

“You don’t like the Affordable Care Act…what, do you want black people banned from lunch counters, too?”

Seriously. These are emails and comments we received. But look, I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that at times it is motivational to hear and read these things – from both average people and the media. And, at other times, especially after a week of 18 hour workdays, it can be quite draining.

Why? Because with that kind of ignorant partisan-hackery being quite common – sometimes things seem, well…insurmountable. Pointless. Like, why not join with the masses, do a little shopping, enjoy the game, and refer to every single political conversation as “off limits” because we don’t want to think about it or deal with it.


No, that kind of thought doesn’t happen real often, but with most people who slug it out day in and day out – dragging through the mud pits against the monster government that exists today – such thoughts certainly come up from time to time.

What’s my point? Without a support system – loving friends and family to back up our work – constantly pushing forward could never really happen.

George Mason had his wife Ann. Henry David Thoreau had great friends in Ellery and Harrison. Rosa Parks had her husband Raymond.

Today, people like Tom Woods have a foundation as solid as a rock with Heather. Jim Babka gets endless support from Susanne. Ron Paul has the backbone of an amazing woman like Carol.

And my luck personally has been unbelievable – to have good friends who either directly support my work – or tolerate my endless ramblings about it. But no one, and I mean no one, has provided me more strength, support, motivation and success than my partner for life, Sarah.

Being a special day, her birthday that is, tonight, I want to celebrate her support and love for me and the work I do. And with that, I think it’s essential for us to thank all the amazing people like Sarah out there – whether their name is Heather, Harrison, Susanne, or Raymond – this great movement for liberty couldn’t exist without you.


Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we consider each and every one of you part of our family. Our community is strong – and growing stronger each year. This could never happen without you.

Those of you who only read our website, or visit our YouTube or Facebook channels – you are extremely important to us. Every one of you on our national team – and every single state and local coordinator for us here at the Tenth Amendment Center – your participation has been essential. Members – old and new – bloggers and columnists, listeners to this show. Every one of you and more.


Each one of you plays a vital role – in moving this ship forward.

No matter what they throw at us – forward is the only direction we know. Thank you Sarah, and all of you who take part in your own way – for helping make this happen.

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So, to all of you non-activists out there – spouses, significant others, friends and family – each and every one of you is extremely important.

The next time you have to hear one of us talk endlessly about some liberty-oriented issue that you consider to be unimportant, obscure, or even just downright boring…the next time you have to help one of us endure long work days with little sleep, stress, deadlines, personal attacks – and more – please remember this:

You are appreciated. More than you likely could ever know.

Thank you.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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