From mandates to milk. From weed to war. And everything in between. Very little of what the federal government does is authorized by the Constitution.

While the Constitution is clear that the federal government is one of limited, delegated powers – in practice, without popular resistance, the federal government people do whatever they please. They tell us we have to buy a health insurance plan, what size toilet we can have, and what kind of light bulbs we can buy.  They read your emails, listen to your phone calls, monitor your bank accounts – and even claim the power to arrest and detain you indefinitely, without due process.

For far too long, the United States Federal Government has deployed troops to every corner of the world, waged offensive wars without a declaration by Congress, silenced and kidnapped its enemies, authorized the torture of prisoners, engaged in espionage, imposed crippling embargoes, pillaged our resources, taken our property, and destroyed our economy and our environment.

On top of it all, these government people tell us – the sovereign people – what IT has the legal authority to do, instead of the other way around.

And it hasn’t mattered what political party has been in power or what individual has occupied the White House.  Year in and year out – federal power always grows and your liberty is always worse off.

So for those of you who believe that the path to the Constitution and your liberty is not through the federal government – but instead through Jefferson, Madison…..and other state capitols around the country – here’s a few steps that you can take right now.

1.  Contact your state legislators right now.

With state legislative sessions getting underway all over the country, the time to put pressure on your state to nullify unconstitutional federal acts is now.  Not next year, and not sometime this summer.  Not next month or next week.  Today – not tomorrow – right now.

Think of one federal issue that’s extremely important to you.  Focus on just one right now.  Contact your state legislators and politely but firmly demand that they do what Thomas Jefferson and James Madison advised – stand up for the Constitution in your state today.  And it’s easy for them to do this – by introducing a bill rejecting a particular federal act

Let them know that they won’t be alone!  Over the past few years, legislators around the country have been introducing bills to reject federal acts on issues across the political spectrum.   Let them know that you’re watching what they do this year, and that while you recognize they have many legislative ideas on deck already, that you expect them to take action on at least one thing to push back against Washington DC.

Let them know that you can get them help with model legislation and even with talking points  Let them know that we have proof that when enough people and enough states stand up and say NO to Washington DC, there’s not much the feds can do to force their unconstitutional federal laws, regulations and mandates down our throats.

And when you get responses by phone, mail or email – make sure to let us know about it here at the Tenth Amendment Center –

2.  Educate your friends and family

Share as much of this information as possible with friends, family, people you meet who express an interest in limiting federal power.  Some of the most important articles and pages to send to others include:

Thomas Jefferson’s Other Declaration – by Derek Sheriff
The States’ Rights Tradition Nobody Knows – by Tom Woods
The Untold History of Nullification: Resisting Slavery – by Derek Sheriff
The Tenth Amendment Center’s legislative tracking page
Model Legislation from the TAC – to recommend bills for introduction in your state

3. Disobey.  Seriously.

Whether it was the stamp act in the 1760s or the fugitive slave act in the 1850s, to nullify requires people defying government edicts. In the spirit of Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Samuel Adams – when enough people say NO, change can and will happen.   So that’s why step # 3 is to Disobey….Seriously.

Now I’m not recommending that you go out and just start defying every law in existence.  With resistance comes risk – and it’s your choice as to just how much risk you’re willing to take.  And whether that risk is small or great, every bit is essential.

For decades, courageous pot smokers have been defying every law imaginable – on possession, cultivation, commerce and more.  They’ve defied Congress, the Executive Branch the DEA and even the Supreme Court.  And today, because so many people decided that they would make their own decisions about whether or not they could use a naturally-occurring plant – there are now 15 states that have backed them up by passing laws allowing such use.

I’ve asked this question in speeches around the country, and ask it again tonight – when the feds try to enforce a law restricting your right to keep and bear arms, or requiring you to purchase a particular health insurance plan – will you have as much courage as the pot smokers?

4.  Rinse and Repeat

Doing these three steps once and going back to Facebook to look at some food pictures isn’t going to get the job done.  With that, step #4 is simple – rinse and repeat.  Within reason, these steps should become part of your life.  Find time every week to do something – anything – that helps our growing movement succeed in nullifying every unconstitutional federal act.

5.  A bonus action item for you – Join the TAC Team

If you really want to get active, here’s a bonus action item for you.  Consider joining the Tenth Amendment Center team by applying for a role in our state and local coordinator program.   You can do that online at


With an unconstitutional growth of federal power that’s happened for over a 100 years – and seriously accelerated in the last ten – sometimes it’s hard to focus on just what should be done.

Become a member and support the TAC!

These four steps are something that you can do in less than one hour each week.  And while that may not seem like a lot to you, you can always do more too.  But, a little something every week from thousands of people WILL make a difference.  Everyone in our growing Tenther community is extremely grateful for you doing your part for liberty.

In closing, there’s no better way to sum this up than with the words of Samuel Adams – “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”

NOTE: The preceding was recorded at the close of Tenther Radio Episode 30. The show airs live online every Wednesday at 5pm Pacific Time here. Find us on iTunes at this link.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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