Gary Marbut: Gun Rights and the Commerce Clause

Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Sport Shooting Association, discusses gun rights and activism in Montana, the Firearms Freedom Act and the various states where this is being passed or considered, the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, litigation in federal court, the Raich case on medical marijuana, Real ID, and the judicial branch’s disdain for the 10th Amendment.


Firearms Freedom Act Introduced in Minnesota

“For far too long elected officials and unelected bureaucrats at the federal level have passively forgotten or actively neglected the Tenth Amendment that guarantees rights not enumerated in the Constitution be left to the individual states,” said Rep. Emmer. “The willful disregard of the Tenth Amendment in relation to a citizen’s right to bear arms isn’t the only constitutional infringement that we should be worried about, but it is one that has been singled out by the new administration.”


Montana Firearms Freedom Act

by Greg Heller, The Holy Cause

There is a new bill circulating in Montana’s legislature which has significant implications on several fronts in the battle for liberty, most notably that of States Rights, and the right to bear arms.  The bill can be read here, and is not a long read (freedom is much easier to describe than tyranny), but to whet your interest here are a few snippets.