The Constitution vs the UN Arms Treaty

The Constitution vs the UN Arms Treaty

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry signed a UN arms treaty that opponents say will implement a broad firearms registration scheme and eventually lead to global bureaucrats imposing gun control on the American people in spite of the Second Amendment. Despite the...
Hemp History Week: A Tenther’s View

Hemp History Week: A Tenther’s View

This week, June 4-10, is Hemp History Week.  All across the U.S., fans of what many call “the most useful plant on Earth” are celebrating the history of this historic plant.  Because hemp is considered to be so useful and has played such an important role in American...
Constitutional Schooling. On Education

Constitutional Schooling. On Education

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s recent statement to the news media about education is making waves among Tennessee constitutionalists.  He said: “Obama administration’s efforts on education, by and large, are right on target. The things...
Concordia res parvae crescunt
Small things grow great by concord...

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