A lot of people like to think of the Constitution is a dead letter. This ignores the power it still has in influencing oath-takers to ignore unconstitutional federal actions. But the Constitution cannot enforce itself. People must impose consequences when it is violated.

One of the major strategies we emphasize is that of states, including local law enforcement officers, refusing to carry out the will of the federal government when it goes beyond its constitutional bounds. James Madison referred to this in Federalist #46 as “a refusal to cooperate with officers of the Union.” He considered it one of the key ways states and individuals can restrain the central government. State and local support is critical, because without it the feds lack the resources and personnel to make their laws anything other than words on paper.

Unfortunately, local law enforcement agencies are often the most vocal opponents of anti-commandeering or nullification legislation because these bills would cut off the goodies they receive in exchange for doing the feds’ bidding. Their opposition can undermine our efforts and make it harder to pass laws that decriminalize drugs or protect the right to keep and bear arms.

The best way to address this is for Americans who live in their jurisdiction to hold them accountable. Unlike ordinary people, law enforcement officers and the like take an oath to uphold the Constitution. They gave their word they would protect our liberties. To violate this oath makes people both liars and traitors.

Nobody likes being called a traitor. But they really don’t like it when the accusation has merit and a punishment is laid out for those found guilty.

Don’t take my word for it. In a 2014 interview with Forward Observer Magazine, former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken made the following remarks about the future of liberty in America (bold emphasis added).

I believe that the Constitution will remain our most important defensive bulwark. The Constitution will be our most effective litmus test for separating the oath takers from the traitorous oath breakers. Former military and LE leaders should take every opportunity to remind their active duty brothers of their sworn oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They should also politely remind them that Team Liberty will have a very long memory when it comes to dealing with traitors. There will be no statute of limitations for traitors, and justice might eventually be dealt out under the well-known Rule 308.

Loyalty to the Constitution must be a constant theme, both among friends and on social media. No active member of the military or LE will be permitted to plead ignorance when it comes to upholding the Constitution. We must remind them of that fact as often as possible, until it is ringing in their ears.

Local law enforcement agencies must be reminded constantly that they do not answer to the feds. They do not answer to bureaucrats or lobbyists in D.C. They answer to their neighbors and their friends who live in their communities. Those communities must make it adamantly clear that they will not tolerate cooperating with the feds to undermine the rights of the people.

As MacDuff’s young son remarked in the Shakespeare play MacBeth, a traitor is one who lies. Swearing to uphold the Constitution and then intentionally assist in undermining is to lie.

These words may sound harsh, but Americans must decide whether they think the Constitution is worth speaking unpleasant truth. It goes without saying that many of the people who wrote the Constitution took far more drastic measures to secure our independence.

If we aren’t willing to call out those who violate their oath to defend Constitution, then all we do is make ourselves liars for claiming to care about its preservation. People enforce rules they believe in. If we won’t insist on constitutional fidelity, then we can’t honestly claim to care much about it. We have reached this point because the nation as a whole has lacked the courage to call out oath-breakers for one reason or another.

For those who believe our words have no impact and that we should remain silent, Bracken has some news for them: Oath-takers are listening (bold emphasis added).

Unless one’s personal strategy is to remain a “gray man,” or in effect an unknown “stay behind agent,” patriots should be loud voices for liberty both in person and in social media. Don’t cower in fear of Team Tyranny. Social Network Analysis means that they already know who you are, where you live, and what your views are.

Take every opportunity to stand up for freedom and liberty, and make the Constitution your byword. Take every opportunity to remind active military and LE that we expect them to uphold their sworn oaths to defend the Constitution, and that we are paying very careful attention to the oath breakers among them. The boys and girls down in the fusion centers must be made to understand very clearly that they will be held accountable for their actions, and that “I was just following orders” will not be an acceptable excuse for acting against the Constitution as the minions of Team Tyranny.

The government loves to say “See something, say something.” When you see people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution betray it or refuse to protect, say something. Make them suffer for abandoning their oath, even if it is only a simple reminder that they took it. Let their consciences haunt them.

Remind them there is always room for one more soul in Antenora and there is always opportunity for another person’s name to become as synonymous with “traitor” as Benedict Arnold’s.

TJ Martinell

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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