“Wait till the next one is done.”  I’ve heard that from so-called conservative activists for years now.

Some of you said you were supporting the Tea Party candidates in 2010.  And, if that didn’t work, then you’d use your time, money and energy locally to nullify.  But, that Tea Party class sure didn’t stop the big government train wreck.

Instead of moving on to nullification, you decided to wait again.  You were going to hold out and see how the Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare before working on nullification.  And, as usual, the supremes failed the constitution and your liberty.

After that – “Nullification? Yeah, I support it,” I heard you say that many times.  But it was always with this caveat: “This is the most important presidential election in history, so we can use nullification later to hold Romney’s feet to the fire after we get rid of Obama.”

So, again, you decided to wait.  Instead of focusing all your energy on nullification at the state and local level, you decided to donate your hard earned time and money to candidates for federal office.


Today, election day has come and gone.  On a national level, “Vote the bums out” is dead as a strategy.  Once again, it has proven to be a complete and utter failure.  It always has been, and always will be.  That’s why you see all the pundits, the politicians, the media and all the experts filling your head with the siren song of national elections.

This kind of thing isn’t new, either.

When conservatives voted to oust the big government bums from the Clinton administration, they were had.  Bush and the Republicans came in and made government even bigger and more intrusive.  Those criminals left us all with a huge expansion of federally-run healthcare, national control over education, bailouts and more.

The result?  When you vote out the big government bums – you get different big-government bums.  And they’re usually worse.

But it’s not just conservatives who’ve been ripped off by these crooks.

When liberals ousted the Bush administration, most were opposed to the wars, to the attacks on civil liberties, Guantanamo Bay, the aggressive war on drugs and more.  With the Obama administration, they got new wars, an extended patriot act, excuses about not closing Guantanamo, a ramping up of the war on drugs, NDAA “indefinite detention,” and the list goes on.

There’s nothing liberal about Barack Obama.  He’s just an expansion of what the left hated about his predecessor.


Look, there’s no cavalry coming.  No one is going to ride into DC on a white horse, and save the Constitution and your liberty.  Washington DC is never going to fix itself.


And no matter how many times the political class urges you to throw away your time and money on federal elections to get the society you want, it will never happen.  The whole thing is a big scam.

So instead of getting suckered on this garbage even one more time, one more day, or one more minute, how about pledging right now to take that action you’ve been afraid to take for so long. Nullification.


Maybe you’ve been afraid because you believe some of the propaganda that the elite uses against nullification.  Maybe you’re just scared to resist and are hoping for an easier solution.  Maybe you fear the unknown.  How will nullification play out, right?

Get the Nullification Owner’s Manual!

Maybe you don’t even know why you’re afraid, but you are.  You’ve been saying for years that you’ll support nullification “later.”  You keep procrastinating in the hope that the simple methods are going to work.  But they don’t.  Pressing a button every couple years has failed you.  Sending in cash to candidates from the comfort of your home has failed you.  Waiting for some unelected, unaccountable, politically-connected lawyers to rule in your favor has failed you.

That’s not going to change.

So it’s time to set aside your fear, your hesitation, your patience, and do what’s right.  It’s time to take a different path – one that you know is already having success.  It’s time to show the courage that this country was founded upon, and that liberty requires.

Your country needs you.  Your community needs you.  Your family needs you.  Liberty needs you.  History is knocking on your door.  Answer it.  This has always been your calling.  The time to Nullify is now.

Michael Boldin