by Michael Maharrey

The Tenth Amendment Center turned five in June.  And like youngsters tend to do, TAC marked the occasion by showing off just how much it has grown up.

The organization spread its wings into a whole new realm on June 22, taking to the airwaves with the launch of TRX: Tenther Radio.

Hosted by Phil Russo with Boldin serving as co-host, the high energy show combines the information and news people have come to expect from the Tenth Amendment Center with a little bit of humor and light heatedness thrown in for good measure. Listening to Russo, Boldin and their guests banter in a more informal setting gives listeners the opportunity to get a better sense behind the personalities driving the Tenther movement.

TAC deputy director Bryce Shonka serves as the show’s co-producer. He said he’s trying to strike a balance, giving the show a little edginess while still communicating the solid scholarly information TAC is known for.  And he notes taking the Tenth Amendment Center’s message to the airwaves broadens the organization’s reach and targets new demographics.

“I’ve always seen the website as being pretty academic,” Shonka said. “With radio, you get a more informal setting and you can get a little different glimpse into the minds of Michael and the guests. I think it appeals to a younger audience.”

TRX has certainly shown the ability to bring in those high profile personalities. The inaugural show featured none other than Tom Woods, author of the book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. Woods discussed his blockbuster speech at Nullify Now in Los Angeles, giving listeners a little insight into how it came together, and he shared some his own personal journey as his understanding of liberty has evolved over the years.  Woods also talked a little foreign policy, asking a poignant question: if we can’t trust our leaders to do the right thing on the domestic front, why should we think they have it together on international policy?

On July 6, Boldin and company featured historian and constitutional scholar Kevin Gutzman. The author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution and Virginia’s American Revolution got into recent Supreme Court decisions, including the Bond ruling that established individuals can use the Tenth Amendment as a defense.  Gutzman also took on presidential candidate Rep. Michelle Bachman’s contention that individual insurance mandates are unconstitutional at the state level.

Tenth Amendment related issues reach into many corners of American life, and the TRX show on July 13 demonstrated the diversity of the movement.  Leading holistic health expert Robert Scott Bell framed nullification as not only good politics, but potentially a life-or-death issue. Bell, Boldin and Russo discussed the wide ranging unconstitutional war waged by alphabet soup agencies such as the FDA and the USDA on American’s ability to make health choices. Bell talked about recent FDA raids on sellers of raw milk and how federal regulation limits the ability of people to choose alternative remedies that could treat their various illnesses and conditions.  Paul Armentano, the Deputy Director of NORML, also came on the show to talk a little weed, discussing unconstitutional federal marijuana laws and how states have successfully stood up to the feds, legalizing medicinal use of cannabis.

Over the first month, TRX boasted more the 3,500 listeners and landed its first sponsor, Banking With Life.

“All of the experts told me don’t even think about getting sponsorship within the first six months. I’m really excited about how this has already taken off,” Shonka said.

With the bar set high, what will TRX do for an encore?

How about Sheriff Richard Mack?

Russo and Boldin will host the former Graham County, Ariz. sheriff on July 27. Mack took on the feds and won, challenging the Brady gun bill on Tenth Amendment grounds back in the 90s. Anybody who has heard Mack knows he’s one of the most dynamic speakers out there. He weaves history, particularly from the civil rights movement , with solid constitutional philosophy to present a compelling case for nullification. He currently travels the country urging the nation’s sheriffs to stand in the gap and interpose for the citizens they serve. He argues that a sheriff’s commitment to protect and serve includes stepping in when the federal government threatens the liberties of citizens.

Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook will also take the mic. The Kansas State senator will share a little bit about how an ordinary everyday woman stepped into the political arena after recognizing the onerous direction the government was heading.

You can tune into TRX radio live every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST (5 p.m. PST). Just log on at And If you miss a show, you can always listen to all of the shows in the archives or on iTunes.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Next week, August 4th, hear a truly unique interview. Ryan Bowman, bass player for the rock group the BoDeans, will give his personal account of constitutional violations by the TSA.

Mike Maharrey

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