Politicians already exercise the (unconstitutional) power to tell us what we can drink, what we can smoke, how much we should earn, what many products should cost and much more.

Now, they want to tell us what kind of light bulb we should be “allowed” to use in the privacy of our own homes.

EagleAg at the 1Declaration Blog gives a good overview and analysis:

Republican House Member Ted Poe from Texas has brought out his Constitution and asks Speaker Pelosi where in the Constitution it says that the federal government has the authority to make us use a certain type of light bulb, the compact fluorescent (CFL). They don’t!

Where will it stop? If you have not read the Constitution in a long time, try reading it. Take special note of the 10th Amendment, which delegates any authority not specifically granted the federal government to the states. Tell me where it says the federal government can tell me what type of light bulb I can use.

Bring back the Constitution!

Watch the Video:


Unfortunately, not many people in this country have actually read the Constitution. But if they did, the only way they could find anything about “light bulbs” would be to completely make it up – like the Congress and Supreme Court have routinely done over the years.