At the recent Libertarian Party Convention, Anthony Gregory gave a great talk on supporting the principles of liberty.  In short, it’s not politics.  It’s right vs wrong.

Here’s an excerpt:

We choose to defend liberty because, in a sense, we have very little choice. It’s a matter of right and wrong. It’s a fundamental struggle. Looking at our world, we can see why.

We favor economic freedom because the alternative is to favor a slow enslavement. The state’s attacks on free enterprise lead to stagnation, impoverishment, inflation and wealth destruction on a horrific scale. It has brought this economy to this most precarious point we’re facing right now. It’s becoming more expensive to buy food. Health care is a mess. The unfunded liabilities in the entitlement state are going to cripple this country unless something fundamental changes. Subsidized easy credit has created a bubble and now the laws of gravity are kicking in.

The socialist, regulatory corporate state that has been fastened onto the economy for more than 100 years has come to the point now where Social Security is a bigger program than almost any government on earth. Eminent domain has taken on life in a particularly insidious way. This isn’t sustainable. It’s dividing people. It’s causing social conflict. It’s killing our country.

We defend personal liberties because the same principles apply. They used to say we were utopian about the drug war and victimless crimes, but what kind of real world have their policies created? The United States has the largest prison population on earth. We have more peaceful people in prison than almost any other nation has criminals in prison. This is supposed to be law enforcement but these prisons are totalitarian hells of lawlessness. People are raped, beaten and treated like slaves on an unspeakable scale. Half a million people are behind bars for drugs alone – and surely this is a human rights issue that should concern anyone wanting a civil society.

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A good first step in support of liberty is adherence to the US Constitution.  Following the forgotten 10th Amendment will reign in the federal government to a level where liberty can truly live.