The unconstitutional drug war rages on – and on, and on.  Recently, Federal Agents raided a California small business and arrested three people for running a marijuana candy factory.

States rights have no bearing when thugs shut down businesses, destroy families, and throw people in jail.

From the MSNBC report:

Federal authorities contend that marijuana is an illegal drug, no matter how it used or who uses it, and they don’t honor the state laws.

It’s quite simple.  Federal “authorities” don’t care what your local laws are, don’t care what your personal choices are and don’t care what reason you have for your choices.

All they care about is their own power.  Period.

But, there’s nothing, whatsoever, in the US Constitution which permits the federal government to wage a “drug war.”

The Constitution was written under the principle of “positive grant,” which means that the federal government is authorized to exercise only those powers which are specifically listed in the Constitution.  The rest, as the 10th Amendment states, are to be “reserved to the States, respectively, or to the People.”

A simple reading of the Constitution would make it quite clear to anyone, that there’s nothing mentioned about drug wars, drugs, marijuana, plants, or anything of the like.

Thus, it’s not only the federal marijuana laws that are unconstitutional, but the entire federal “war on drugs.”

It’s time to bring this multi-billion dollar attack on your liberty to an end.

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