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The Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) is looking for liberty-loving people to take the lead in championing the Constitution in their home state by joining our coordinator program.  If you feel ready to take on this long-term challenge, read on…(there’s a formal application at the bottom of this page). Alternatively, if you’re interested in other opportunities as a volunteer, there are a lot of supporting roles that need to be filled – please click here to contact us with more info about your interests.

What’s the difference between “coordinators” and volunteers”?

“Coordinators” are dues-paying members of the Tenth Amendment Center who have gone through a multi-step application process to take on a leadership role within the organization. Coordinators make a commitment to work towards various projects and can also learn, grow and advance within the organization. Some examples of such roles include (but are not limited to) State Chapter Lead Coordinator, County or City Lead Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Research Analyst, Assistant Research Analyst, and more. Some of these roles are available only on a national level, others on a state level and others are available on a county, city or town level. These options will be discussed during your application process.

“Volunteers” can be members or non-members, and offer to help as their time permits. They are not taking on a formal leadership role within the organization and are not making any specific commitment to participate or lead any particular project. Their help in various areas, however, is indispensable.

If approved to lead a State, County, or City Chapter for TAC, here’s some of what you’ll be working with:

  • A Tenth Amendment Center-branded website for your state, fully integrated with our main website, OR a local chapter integrated with the State chapter website
  • If you’re already organizing a group ( meetup, etc), the new State TAC site will link to it.
  • Website hosting is fully managed by TAC and you’ll get unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Personal blog – with the ability to invite co-authors to contribute with you
  • Event Calendar – post events, invite members, take RSVP’s and more
  • Mailing list – as members sign up, you’ll be able to send out unlimited updates by email
  • Podcast (future) – host a pre-recorded or live call-in talk show to highlight what’s happening in your state
  • Ability to Fundraise – set up a system to accept donations from your local supporters to help fund not only dues to maintain the site, but also to fund events in your area.

If approved to take on any other role than a group leader, you’ll be working directly with group leaders on a national level and in your state to develop programs and work in areas that fit your skills, strengths, likes – and areas you’re interested in learning and developing.

First some requirements and expectations (we’ll provide plenty of training for anything new to you):

Requirements for all TAC coordinators:

  • Minimum 5 hours/week time commitment
  • Willingness to work with people from all political viewpoints
  • Write regular blog posts to update the community about your work, viewpoints, and activism
  • Become and maintain membership with the TAC. (or provide current membership number) Info here

Additional Requirements for Chapter Leaders

  • Post regular updates to your chapter’s website and Facebook account
  • Work with other coordinators – deputy, events, communications, outreach, etc – to build and grow your chapter
  • Answer chapter inquiries by email, be the point of contact for media and other groups
  • Recruit other coordinators
  • Various other activities that may be involved with building and leading your chapter – lobby local politicians, organize events, speak at group meetings, and the like

Additional Requirements for other roles:
Will be discussed during your application process.
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You’ll be building your local organization from the ground up. While there’s good grassroots support for the 10th Amendment already, finding members to join a new local organization will take serious persistence and dedication. Expect to spend considerable time recruiting people to join your group.

If this seems like you – take the next step now.

Click here to fill out the local coordinator application today

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