HypocritesAs the nullification movement grows, our opposition grows more bizarre and unhinged with every passing day.

The latest loon to come out with a deranged attack against the principles of freedom and decentralized power is a diarist at the DailyKos, a hyper-partisan Democrat Internet stronghold.

In a diary called ‘The Great Nullification Crisis of 2017,’ author Jon Kerr dreamed up a scenario where Ted Cruz becomes President and institutes draconian measures. He legalizes indefinite detention of American citizens without a trial, starts several illegal wars, spies on all Americans without warrants, prosecutes whistleblowers more than anyone else in history… Oh wait, that’s what the current president is doing.

In Kerr’s fantasy, Pres. Cruz requires mandatory gun ownership under penalty of taxation, rushes through anti-abortion laws and enacts stricter voter ID rules, along with other measures that make liberals squeamish.

In lieu of federal overreach of power, the Blue States band together and fight back through nullification. While the IRS is working to enforce their mandatory gun ownership law (as preposterous as that may sound), Blue State governors lock up IRS agents enforcing this tyranny. This results in violence. as the feds send the Marines to retaliate against this insubordination. Later on, a tax revolt is engineered by the Democrats (again, an absolutely preposterous notion from a gang that is always clamoring for the Feds to get their hands on more loot). This taxpayer revolt is squashed by Pres. Cruz, who takes care of the nullifiers with aggressive brute force.

The end.

What is the point of this? It is to show that the Democrats would never dare do anything, but roll over to federal tyranny. In a final paragraph, the author points to the ridiculousness of his dreamt up scenario saying, “It is the Democratic belief in the supremacy of the United States Constitution and scorn for discredited and dishonorable notions of states’ rights and nullification that make the tall tale above an unbelievable fiction.”

It is not the absurd, caricatured portrayal of Pres. Ted Cruz that is at fault, nor the supposed extremist agenda of the Republicans that is being judged here. No, it is the evil concept of nullification and states rights. Pres. Cruz wasn’t a tyrant for crushing the will of the people in order to enact his unpopular agenda. It was the fault of those lousy nullifiers for having the gall to push back. This pointless, meandering, absurd, poorly-written drivel was put on the front page of DailyKos by its editors because it reinforces the mindless obedience to federal power that Democratic Party operatives rely upon.

All these liberals would have to do is go to the Tenth Amendment Center’s website and look at our model legislation, and they would see that we’re promoting causes that they would probably find preferable to what the Obama Administration is giving them. We have legislation to nullify federal prohibition of industrial hemp that would help the economy and the environment. We also have legislation that would stop the TSA’s molesting hands from groping us at the airports. Rather than conjuring up ridiculous nonsense, why not become informed and discuss ideas in a rational, honest manner? They don’t want that, because they are worshipers of the state’s absolute power, perfectly embodied by the man currently in the White House who they shamefully helped to elect. Twice. These liberals do not care about the truth, the facts nor their country. All they care about is lying and demagoguing so that Team Blue will beat Team Red in the next election.

When you’re an activist in the freedom movement, you don’t have to invent fake crises to whine about. You’ve already got your plate full fighting indefinite detention of citizens without a trial, invasive drone spying in our skies, the restriction of our constitutionally-protected gun rights, extrajudicial murders of American citizens, the destruction of our currency via the loosest monetary policy in history, the destruction of our health care system at the behest of the insurance companies and a data-collection apparatus that makes Watergate look like child’s play. We’re actively fighting all of these injustices while the Kos crybabies help usher it in and then make pathetic excuses for it later in their little diaries.

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This isn’t to demonize all of the liberals out there. There are many liberals who fight against these injustices, and many others. The ACLU, for instance, works with the Tenth Amendment Center to help us nullify the NDAA and drone spying. Glenn Greenwald, a self-described progressive, writes extensively about the evils of the surveillance state and is now helping libertarian leaker Edward Snowden release documents that expose the lies and unconstitutional actions of the Obama administration. Indeed, there are many liberal heroes out there worthy of nothing but respect and admiration from freedom lovers throughout the world.

However, the liberals at DailyKos are the contemptible, bootlicking, excuse-making cowards that have enabled Obama’s reign of terror. They’re the type of liberals who hated Guantanamo Bay when Bush was around, but are just fine with it now. They’re the type of liberals who hated illegal wars when Bush was around, but are vocal supporters of Obama’s humanitarian kinetic military actions in places like Syria and Libya. They’re the type of liberals who whined about Bush’s illegal snooping, but are A-OK with Obama’s even worse illegal snooping. These are hypocrites of the highest order, and they are green with envy that nullification is taking off as a political movement while their lord and savior Obama is disgraced with scandal after scandal. But if this type of farcical trash is the best that they can come up with, it’s smooth sailing for the cause of liberty!

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