For Immediate Release: Jan. 28, 2013

Indiana Senate President David Long continues to personally block discussion of an important piece of legislation that could stop the implementation of the unpopular Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the Hoosier State.

On Jan. 7, Indiana Sen. Phil Boots introduced SB0230. The proposed legislation finds “the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the federal Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 are inconsistent with the power granted to the federal government in the Constitution of the United States,” and would make enforcement of Obamacare in Indiana a felony.

Since its introduction, the bill garnered eight cosponsors, and it enjoys broad support in both the House and the Senate. But Sen. Long assigned the bill to the committee he chairs, the Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure, and he alone decides if it will receive a hearing.

Despite positioning himself as a staunch conservative, he’s apparently decided to stand by Pres. Obama.

“Hey, Dave! Joe Biden is on the phone. He wants to thank you on behalf of President Obama for your support,” Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin said. “Maybe Long should consider switching parties. The Republican platform emphatically declares ‘that those powers not enumerated to the federal government are reserved to the states and to the people,’ and it talks about the importance of personal liberty and freedom. But I guess Dave doesn’t really believe all that stuff. Politicians will say anything to get elected these days.”

Boldin says he finds Long’s refusal to stand up for the people of Indiana perplexing, especially in light of his boasting about being a man of principle.

“Is that all talk too?” Boldin asked. “I mean, we have Hobby Lobby risking millions of dollars in fines as it stands up for its principles, refusing to accept federal demands that it include morning-after birth control in its health plans. And Long won’t even release a bill for discussion? Wow. I guess that shows the depth of his convictions.”

Boldin says Long should at least let the full legislature debate the merits of the bill.

“This is not Long’s personal fiefdom,” he said. “At the very least, David should allow the bill a hearing and a vote. If the representatives of the people reject it, that’s another story. But for one man to block a popular bill because he either doesn’t want to stick his neck out and oppose D.C., or he actually stands on Obama’s side – is unacceptable.”

Contact: Mike Maharrey
Communications director
O: 213.935.0553


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