by Darla Dawald

Editor’s Note: We’re happy to welcome Darla to the Tenth Amendment Center! Darla is the National Director of, which is a national sponsor of our new Nullify Now! tour. Darla will also be speaking at Nullify Now! Phoenix.

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Almost every time I turn on the news I am viewing segments or snippets of patriots tearing each other to shreds. Honestly, I am embarrassed that our own movement would employ Alinsky’s polarizing tactics to denigrate, ostracize, and demonize others who are working toward restoring the United States’ Constitutional principles. Seriously, can you imagine our Founders acting in such fashion while penning the Constitution that ensured that All Citizens of America were to be free?

When Grassfire Nation created ResistNet in December of 2008, the people joining were angry, frustrated, and willing to work to awaken the massive sleeping giant. We jumped in and immediately began planning Tea Parties at the States Capitols and a March on DC in January of 09. We knew the work ahead would be enormous and time consuming but we didn’t care, our country’s future was at stake! Near the end of February, Rick Santelli’s rant created another wave of awakening and they took the initial tea parties another step further. Together, we managed to bring 1.7 million to DC in September of 09 for a historic march and protest.

A year and a half later and the movement is caught up in a tsunami of egos, nasty attitudes, manipulation, criticism, and pseudo leaders. The fascinating thing about the movement has been the very fact that it was fluid and not controlled by any one group or organization. Yet, the struggle to rein in the movement by some groups and to completely control it has been a tactic that thankfully fails and falls short every time.

With a network of over 80,000 members, we see our share of comments and opinions by Patriots of this movement. The majority of comments expressed state that they desire for this movement to come together and work together for the good of all involved in the Tea Parties. Sure, we have managed to come together and build some coalitions on certain issues and events. Yet a year later I see these LEADERS on Fox News demonizing another group whose stated goal and mission is the same as every other group united in this fight-a restoration of limited government. Furthermore, we shouldn’t be concerned over alleged racism directed at the Tea Party but in fact the few within the movement attempting to give the entire movement a bad name. It is so disheartening that any Patriot would go on national television and make any statements of this kind!

I truly believe that Leaders cannot be self-appointed. True leaders stand for the movement and represent the movement in a positive manner. They would never publically demonize another Patriot or Patriot Organization. This week alone I have witnessed these polarizing Alinsky tactics within our own movement. The tea party movement, your movement, the movement that is supposed to represent “We the People”!

I am writing this letter today to urge you, The People, to stand for what is right in this movement and to renew your pledge to restore our government by rejecting those within this movement who are causing strife and dissention. If you belong to a patriot group whose leadership is acting in such a demeaning fashion I ask you to ask yourself….Is this, the Tea Party group I want to belong to? Does this person or persons represent my views or the movement’s views? You see just because you are on Fox news and happen to attend every event and rub elbows with the DC elite does not make you a leader of the movement. The People decide who represents them; The People decide who will stand with and for them. The self touted leaders do not make that decision.

This movement is you, your family, your friends and your neighbors in the street making a difference. It is the people calling, signing petitions, blogging and doing everything in their power to make a difference in their communities and states. Those are the things that will change Washington, DC, not a person on a news show. FOX News does not lead us, the Republican Party does not lead us, it is you who awoke and said “I can make a difference” and you certainly are making that difference.

So I ask you today dear Patriots, put aside the name of your tea party group and ask yourself if these are the people you want to stand for you. Are you content with self designated leaders standing up and making the entire movement look bad? Are you ok with their statements that reflect badly on you? Are you okay with polarizing statements about other Patriots and groups that are divisive and intended to destroy their credibility? When did we start simply adopting another’s view as the gospel truth without researching the information ourselves? Why are we as a movement allowing these self proclaimed Tea Party leaders the right and authority to speak for all of us and destroy what we have all worked so hard to build? It is time to stop this madness!

At this pace, I am afraid the movement will implode. Perhaps the theme of “Tea” is dried up, perhaps just being a Patriot IS enough. Either way, will continue to work on the behalf the Patriots, the Constitution, and the principles of our founders. We will continue to provide you with resources and information to act and in our usual fashion; we will not demand that you follow our lead.

We ask for your continued assistance in building a bigger pipeline to cause mobilization of many when the actions of our legislators demand it. This is a pipeline of Patriots working to restore limited government, fiscal responsibility, accountability from our elected officials, and true conservative candidates that will uphold our Republic and the Constitution.

Will the Tea Party Revolution implode or continue to gain steam? That depends on you. As far as leaders go, if you want to see the real leaders of the movement, simply walk into your restroom and look in the mirror. You are the People who make the movement. You are the leaders. You are “We the People”. What do you say we keep it that way?

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder for Freedom and Liberty…

Darla Dawald is National Director for, A Grassfire Nation Social Network. Darla will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Phoenix, and ResistNet is a national sponsor of the Nullify Now! Tour.

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