by Ray McBerry – 2010 Candidate for Governor in Georgia

Today Georgians panic at the thought of being removed from federal government dependency, having forgotten that life did exist before the current level of intrusion, and life existed abundantly. Though we assert that the civil government spawns waste, bureaucracy and tyranny, we waffle at the sea of uncertainty as to how best proceed toward liberty.

The path to freedom is achievable but it is not easy. It is not easy because it depends on the political will of the people, a people who have been indoctrinated through government school systems to be owned by their government rather than to own their government.

Our founding fathers were gripped by a similar situation, but worse since they were attempting to invigorate a people toward freedom who had never known it, and could not look back in the annals of history to find it. Less than half of the American colonists wanted to assert life and liberty apart from Britain. About 3% became the revolutionaries risking wealth, family, friends, jobs, and life to embrace the risky business of freedom.

It was in this way, and thanks to this handful of colonists, that our nation was brought into the ideology of individual life and liberty. Known as The Great Experiment abroad, it was the first time in history where a people asserted their right to themselves, their property, their liberties, and their life as granted by God, and established a civil government to protect that which God granted.

The odds against them were immense and parallel the challenge that we are taking up and wrestling with today.

The current usurpation of power now centralized in the federal civil government has become the most powerful empire in the world. The interests of the empire are advancing while the interests of individual life and liberty are all but dead. The individual is forced into a position of powerlessness over his personal property, wealth and freedom. Having come so far away from individual life and liberty, how do we reclaim self-government and control?

The only way to restrain an out of control federal government is through the interposition of state authority to stand in defense of individual life and liberty. Those sound like nice words, but what does this mean precisely in application?

It means stepping out on our own two feet as a state. It means telling the federal government “No!” while asserting our legal authority in the contract amongst the states to do exactly that. It means equipping Georgians with the knowledge and the power to understand what is happening and how to engage in the process of change. It means having a Governor with the gumption to stand firm in the face of the storm of uncertainty, and one prepared to wield the lawful and Constitutional tools at his disposal to bring a unified independence to fruition in our great state.

We are unveiling a legislative course of action in order to lawfully, peacefully, and securely proceed in the advance of states’ rights as well as individual life and liberty for our Georgians.

Every week for the next two months, a new piece of legislation will be presented and explained in this strategic initiative. This is being undertaken with the goal that more Georgians will become more aware, more interested and more involved with the process of controlling their government all with an eye to the restoration of their own individual liberties as espoused in our country’s foundational documents. Just such an endeavor is long overdue.

The State Authority and Federal Tax Funds Act

Currently the federal government is directly taxing our Georgia citizens through a graduated income tax, one of the more important pillars of the Communist Manifesto, in addition to a myriad of other taxes. The State Authority and Federal Tax Funds Act would require that all federal taxes come first to the Georgia Department of Revenue. A panel of legislators would assay the Constitutional appropriateness of the Federal Budget, and then forward to the federal government a percentage of the federal tax dollars that are delineated as legal and Constitutionally justified. The remainder of those dollars would be assigned to budgetary items that are currently funded through federal allocations and grants or returned to the people.

As we assert our sovereignty, we can expect that we will have our federal funding cut off, money that originally belongs to the people of Georgia anyway. Georgia is currently known as a donor state, because the amount of tax dollars surrendered to the federal government is greater than the amount of federal tax dollars returned to the state. This theft would cease under the State Authority and Federal Tax Funds Act.

We must proceed wisely and prudently, passing the necessary legislation in proper compliment and tandem in order to insure that the tools needed for interposition by our Governor are in play and to be wielded when Ray McBerry becomes Georgia’s first states’ rights Governor.

We own our government, and it is to us our legislators must swear their allegiance, in preserving and protecting individual life and liberty, and in redeeming the value and integrity of our great Constitution.

We the people must govern our government. Only then, will we truly be free.

Ray McBerry [send him email] is running in the Republican primary in 2010 for Governor of Georgia.  Visit his website at

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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