by State Rep. Sam Rohrer, PA-128th District

If you’re like me, I just can’t stomach listening to the pious and deceptive speeches from the progressives in Washington and Harrisburg. Void of integrity and truth, the comments of these folks serve only to confuse and anger, and undercut what we really need in this country at this pivotal time in our history.

We yearn for statesmen but we get shameless self-servers. We long for leaders with character but we get double-speak, capitulation, appeasement and compromise of principle. We hope that we will hear some truth, see some grasp on wisdom and courage from our leaders. We want someone to be straight with us, and tell it like it really is, both the good and the bad.

We want to hear something to be proud of – something that inspires – something that gives hope. Well, last night, I did. I listened to a very short but substance-rich speech written and delivered by a 14 year old home-schooled boy for a class assignment. I share it with you and hope it helps to inspire you as it did me.

-A Speech by a Fourteen-Year Old Patriot-

“Friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans; this is a time of uncertainty. Uncertainty in career, uncertainty in financial markets, but most tragically, we have uncertainty in our own government – in those who should be our leaders.

Now in this pivotal moment the anxious look to those who should be the model of strength of wisdom; but, instead of inspiring trust, they create doubts. Instead of being examples of honesty; they lie without compunction. Instead of exhibiting responsibility; they flee their own words! These take office and act like they took the country! Rather than being the peoples’ representatives; they act as if we’re the representatives’ people!

Rather than planning for tomorrow’s day – they act like the only tomorrow is today. Rather than showing common sense – they cause you to wonder just how common, sense is. Rather than giving praise to the One who alone is worthy of praise, they show their real heart. One would think that they own praise. Instead of being loyal to our nations’ friends and allies, they make it hard to believe that they are true – even to themselves.

Through this rather unhappy review of our ‘leaders’ you can see that honor wouldn’t be found in the same room as these people, yet it seems that they think honor was made for them! So, my friends, has government let you down?! No!! Government never lifted us up! WE, THE PEOPLE, by God’s great grace formed this republic, and by God’s grace, WE WILL KEEP THIS REPUBLIC!! Let us choose out from among us those who do not need to tell us that they are good.

Those of true quality can afford to be unassuming, others will always assume for them.   We should pick those who do not greatly desire the position, but will do their best no matter the circumstance -one who is willing to sacrifice their popularity and even their career for truth and virtue, and for the good of this great nation. Let us throw down those who think they are above the law! Let us elect those who will stand so this republic shall not fall! We are one nation, under God, and by God’s great grace THAT WILL NOT CHANGE!!”

My friends, take heart. There is hope. Our nation is not yet gone – our youth are not all weak and ignorant. Encourage your children and grandchildren to become the new “Founders” of our time, to rebuild and restore the foundations the original founders built.

P.S.: The young man who wrote and gave this speech was my 14 year old son, Stephen – something of which I am thankful and proud. I think he has “caught” the vision – like so many others are catching also.

Samuel E. Rohrer is a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (R-Berks).  To contact him, visit his website at

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