by Rich Hand

The answer to a better life for individuals, economies, better communities, and better countries is not a move toward globalization but localization.

Strong families with values, strong communities, and strong states, protected from invasion by a strong federal defense create solid foundations for global relations. These relations create opportunities for all of the local communities without the threat of losing the basic values we live by.

We have a constitution that protects every individual American citizen. This protection is under assault from the current move to allow for more decision making to be made globally. Think about this; how can a federal government in Washington DC, never mind a global “government’ in Brussels or some other place, ever gain trust or administer for the good of the individual or the community? Forget that this attempt is worth a second revolution and stopping it is worth dying for, it isn’t even feasible.

We can’t manage a state government properly never mind a world government. Decisions made on behalf of us by a world body will decimate our freedom and prosperity. This cannot and will not stand. As Obama bloviates at the G20 gathering he speaks for none of us. Our constitution is what speaks for us. He can never hand over our sovereignty to any political body without our consent. That would be treason.

Every president and federal representative takes an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. The constitution is clear; we in America are sovereign and free.

The tenth amendment was included in case the federal body got too big for its britches. No one can take that from us. And if they try we should be willing to do everything it takes to remove these people from our government.

We can trade, travel, and befriend all of our friends around the world without any change to the culture and business of the United States. The world is too big to manage centrally and it will foster misery and tyranny. We must read, understand, and live by the constitution…

Then and only then will happy days be here again…

Rich Hand was a 2008 candidate for congressional district 5 in colorado. Formerly a Republican, he has left the party after 16 years because of his disappointment with its direction. He is a dedicated family man, the author of My Life; Ignored! and a musician with 3 CD’s. Visit his blog at

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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