Reader commentary from A. Linder

When I write my congressman or senator and ask them to please stop sending money to foreign governments, they write back to me as though I do not know what I am talking about. They “know” what is best for this country and believe the foreign expenditures are justified.

Then, they “thank me for writing”.

The American public is so disenfranchised it is pathetic.

I am convinced that if the US stopped sending money to foreign countries, we could balance the budget in less than 10 years. It is hard to tell, one cannot get the true amount sent to foreign countries.

Our nation needs a completely transparent government. One that has to post daily on the internet, all the monies collected by the federal government and all the monies spent by the federal government. This posting should be in detail so one can discern where the money is really going.

Maybe then, just maybe, the American public would see the truth and begin to send Independents to be their leaders in Washington.