In the final planning stages – a jointly-produced event by the Tenth Amendment Center and the Republican Liberty Caucus in Downtown Los Angeles (exact date in April and location TBA).  We just need to rent out some essentials – venue, sound – plus other logistics that need to be covered.

The event will be focused solely on the unconstitutional new powers claimed by the Feds in Sections 1021-1022 of the 2012 NDAA, what we call the “kidnapping provisions”

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The event will be multiple segments:

  • What is the NDAA and what is the issue with it?
  • What is being done around the country – multiple states and even counties are taking action against it
  • What You can do right NOW to stop the NDAA in California, in your county, and in your city.


  • State and Local Resistance to NDAA happening around the country right now – INFO HERE
  • Report – Media Conference – coalition across the political spectrum in response to NDAA – HERE
  • Info – What IS the NDAA and what are the worst parts? – READ HERE 

Contact Nick Hankoff, Chair Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus

3 thoughts on “Nullify the NDAA: Los Angeles

  1. gonzegas

    @TenthAmendment when are you coming to phoenix?

  2. Brandon Harper

    Can you make it on the 21st so I can come??? Please. ha

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