TJ Martinell

Reporter, Blogger, Researcher

TJ [send him email] is an award-winning reporter from Washington state. He has written for the Tenth Amendment Center since 2014 on a wide assortment of constitutional issues, particularly the right to keep and bear arms. He lives in the heart of Cascadia and hosts the weekly Mountain Pass Podcast.

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Mercy Otis Warren: Constitution Would "Terminate in the Most Uncontrolled Despotism"

Mercy Otis Warren: Constitution Would “Terminate in the Most Uncontrolled Despotism”

Her chief worry was that the Constitution would abandon the principles of the American Revolution and facilitate consolidation of the ...
Deciphering the Commander-in-Chief Clause

Deciphering the Commander-in-Chief Clause

A common view is that this gives the president not only broad but virtually complete and ultimate authority over the ...
What The Constitution Means By "Declare War"

What The Constitution Means By “Declare War”

In Article I Section 8, Clause 11, Congress is delegated the power “to declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, ...
Informing the Founders: A Short History of Standing Armies in England

Informing the Founders: A Short History of Standing Armies in England

Trenchard’s short history shows how fears of a standing army in peacetime was not a view held by ideological extremists ...
When John C. Calhoun Sided With "Yankees" on the Constitution

When John C. Calhoun Sided With “Yankees” on the Constitution

It's a perspective many today should consider before they turn to the federal government to exercise illegal powers for short-term ...
Reversing Incorporation?

Reversing Incorporation?

The Incorporation Doctrine is a commonly accepted constitutional interpretation asserting that the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution made the ...

“If we adopted the attitude of the Founders, all guns would be ‘undetectable.'”

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Roy Farrington continues the search for his imprisoned father and quickly rises in the ranks of his newspaper, even as he maintains an uneasy alliance with his old friend Casey Novak, now a federal censorship officer.


Men Who Walk Alone

The year is 1934. Rampant crime. Ethnic feuds. Gangland violence. Such is life in Beverly, a small East Coast town reeling from economic deprivation in the midst of the Great Depression.

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