by Randy Brogdon, Oklahoma State Senate


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The only solution to our nation’s economic woes is freedom’s expansion. Washington politicians, whom many have spent the majority of their career working for the government, have become self-appointed experts on the economy. Their ideas and policies have bolstered increased debt and financial devastation for millions of Americans.

President Obama’s budget teeters upon sophomoric folly. His $4 trillion dollar budget has set a course of financial ruin for many families. Free market principles are being replaced with socialism and government control of business. Capitalism, which made America great and the envy of the world, is now at risk.

I dare say most junior high school students understand a simple principle; “borrowed” money cannot be used to pay off a debt. Borrowing money to pay off a debt only creates double indebtedness. It is a mystery how politicians cannot understand a simple principled fact of Economics 101.

As Washington insiders, bureaucrats, and politicians continue to “pickpocket” the taxpayers, it’s more than our money that is lost; our freedom is in jeopardy. Every legislative policy that transfers wealth from the people to the politicians will be listed on the negative side of the balance sheet of liberty. It is impossible to multiply wealth by dividing, and giving to others.

Washington politicians continue to trick people by lulling them into a false sense of security. They have created an atmosphere of entitlements by promising “a chicken in every pot” without regard for the future. Most politicians’ vision of the future is determined by reading yesterday’s headlines. It is easier for them to be a Monday morning quarterback than an inspirational leader and visionary.

President Obama presented the “club” in Washington a budget that will raise taxes, slow the economy, and devastate the family budget for future generations to come. Priorities have been shunned; pork barrel spending and earmarks have set a new disgraceful high and the politicians are stumbling over themselves in an effort to “bring home the bacon”.

Elected officials, who neither respect the Constitution nor understand its basic tenets, should be expelled from Washington and sent home to live under the conditions and mandates they have created. Sound judgment and wisdom should be the minimum benchmark for public servants; rather than, the perpetual aggrandizing and pontificating of one’s attributes and authority. Washington politicians rarely have all the answers, but today, they are the source of most of our problems.

I have a much different vision. I believe that freedom is the welcome mat at the door of America. When individuals exercise their freedom, atrophy is negated and our nation becomes stronger. A policy that empowers the people and binds the politician is favored. Ideas that support private sector profits are superior to government bailouts. Individual liberty and personal responsibility must always take presidents over government intrusion.

Given the choice of bailouts or freedom, I choose freedom.

Senator Randy Brogdon was elected to his first term in the Oklahoma Senate in 2002. Randy Brogdon is also the author of SJR 10, otherwise known as the 10th Amendment Resolution. This resolution is designed to protect states rights and prevent the federal government from overexerting its legislative power. His efforts on the 10th Amendment Initiative have brought him national attention from several media outlets across the country. In March of 2009, Senator Brogdon was invited to speak to members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature about his work on the 10th Amendment Initiative.