State of the Nullification Movement Report

Today, America faces a mostly-certain future – one straddled with mass violations of liberty and crushing debt. But there is a chance to change that course to one where liberty advances and state/local activity stems the flow of centralized power.

The modern nullification movement has grown into a political force, one that provides a blueprint to advance the Constitution and your liberty.

We believe the movement is revolutionary.

Of course, when we call the nullification a revolution, or revolutionary, we don’t mean one characterized by a physical upheaval against the established order. Instead, we see a deeper, more philosophical revolution developing – a revolution in thought.

The motives behind the various actors in the modern nullification movement vary as much as any group of people when it comes to their political goals. Some issues draw people from the right, others from the left. Political philosopher Murray Rothbard considered this “dynamism” one of the “major characteristics” of a revolution, as it creates an “unfreezing of the political and social order” for people, whatever their motivations may be.

Today’s nullification movement offers hope of smashing the established political order; one of “voting the bums out” only to see new “bums” violate the Constitution in more costly and dangerous ways each year, or relying on federal courts to limit federal power, or simply begging federal officials to give us back our freedom.

This past legislative session saw some type of nullification bill introduced in nearly every state, addressing issues from NSA spying to preserving the Second Amendment. To highlight just how far the movement has come, the Tenth Amendment Center’s 30-page report is the first-ever comprehensive look into the State of the Nullification Movement.

Lovers of the Constitution and liberty must take the long-sighted view and exercise your right to resist and nullify the mountains of federal actions that do not fit within the confines of the Constitution. This Report will show you the path already forged. It is up to you to take it and build it into something even stronger.

27 thoughts on “State of the Nullification Movement Report

  1. Thank you for providing light in darkness.

  2. Bill Davies

    Please address the use of the initiative process for instituting nullification actions.

    • Is there something specific in the handbook that is lacking, in your opinion, Bill? Initiative efforts are discussed at least three times.

  3. This is the silliest policy since sliced parsnips.

    • I actually just ate some pickled and sliced parsnips at lunch today. What’s the point that you’re making in your first ever comment here?

  4. Nullification is an idiotic idea. Courts have tossed this forever. It would be chaotic.

    • Ahh, you didn’t read the report. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you take time to read it sometime rather than just post condescending comments.

    • That’s a pretty short space in which to manage to repeat two conventional arguments. replies to all of this. Warning: must be willing to entertain unconventional thoughts, thoughts that — gasp! — neither Mitt Romney nor Hillary Clinton have.

  5. Cody

    Nullification is alive and well. Check out the Supreme Courts 2010 decision, Bond v. U.S.. They’ve recognized limitations on the Feds for years. The problem actually resides in the state and local level and the myth of “Federal Supremacy.” When you start chasing the local-federal money trail, you’ll see the source of the subversion. And it’s all voluntary. Except you didn’t know how you got volunteered.

    • Ho do we count the ways in which the out of control central bankers of the world print like there is no tomorrow then? I’m just curious how long we have until the $ is no longer “reserve” fiat and then the fun really starts.

  6. Great work, Michael. Thank you for everything you do.

  7. ljwoolley

    Thanks Michael!! Every State can use this. I will pass it along to others!!!

  8. Years ago, I realized that it is only through state governments that the federal government has any effect at all. States are also the only governing infrastructure that actually takes into consideration the will of the People. I will always support the federal government, but not in its present fraudulent and corrupt condition. TOC is the only organization that seems to understand that it’s through state infrastructure that we may keep ourselves free.

  9. LibertyJusticeForAll

    Good stuff folks! Keep it up! We’re all in this together.

  10. b gregory


  11. Robin Hode

    This is my first time ever comment here (I think!), and I believe you all are just about the ONLY activist organization working through established legislative process making any difference at all. Truly, Nullification seems to be our ONLY hope in terms of utilizing those elected to represent us on a state and local level. Great work Michael,, keep it up! I’ll donate as soon as I recover from the latest federal over-reach into my back pocket, may take a while though….


  12. Gregory Long

    You say just bring in another set of dumb asses…BS………..VOTE NO INCUMBENT………then We The People and predominately Veteran population..pick our own leaders to set forth as the PUBLIC SERVANTS they are supposed to be and tell them they have…..A Two Term limit to get the Constitution back up and running, the VA straightened out, Congress and Senate on SS and a flat $50k annual salary plus per diem and the other things needing fixing……and the next group gets another Two Year Term as that is what they will be in Perpetuity…….see where I’m going??? Only a Republican or Democrat will argue!!!!

    • patriotgunny

      Gregory Long, you are ABSOLUTELY right!

  13. Why isn’t this available as a PDF or ePub? I need to be able to read this off line, not sit and strain my eyes at this computer.

    I absolutely believe in nullification of both federal law and in jury nullification. Both need to be publicised in every way possible.

    • Ron H.


      It is. In the top right corner of this page under the picture of a book cover look for the words “Download PDF”.

      Your welcome.

  14. John Hallman

    Michael, thank you for all your tremendous work for advancing liberty. You are making a difference and I can tell you that nullification is catching on and you have given us great tools to use here in Florida. It is not easy, but because of your work we are starting to see the movement take shape in the Florida legislature.

  15. Cris

    Amen Gregory Long, as a Veteran I know where your coming from brother.

  16. Christopher John Mishevski

    The work done on account of the Tenth Amendment center provides an accessible framework that we the citizens of the United States of America can make use of.
    Duties as well as rights are worthy of study. In the American system, government was centered originally at the local level. In perspective, the local levels of government are designed to be the most influential. I am a young Illinoisan who lives a very authentic life. I am twenty two years old. My philosophy is there is time now to affect change within the local, state and national level. I feel strongly that the key force driving this system of governance is citizens active participation, first in the community and second in the state. Defending our freedom is a common ground for people of all political stripes. I look forward to using the information provided by the TAC, using model legislation available on the TAC website and am heavily leaning toward volunteer efforts. I see the TAC as a way to engage myself politically and locally in the form of awareness.

  17. brad

    I think indictments are where it’s at. I have been on the corporate county’s website copying and pasting all the outstanding warrants. I have never seen such blatant evidence of human trafficking and genocide. And they put it out there for all to see.

  18. Citizen Dave

    I’m a tenth Amendment newbie, and I hope to be spending some of my allotted “Internet” time here, instead of exchanging cat pics on FaceBook.

  19. Liberty fighter AL.

    Thank you, TAC for your effort and your mission. I support “nullification” and “State Constitutional ratification conventions.” It will not be easy to reform our federal government but it must be undertaken by all of us. Wake up America you are asleep at the wheel.

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