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34 thoughts on “Get on the Front Line of the Nullification Movement

  1. Jillian

    America – Land of the FREE home of the BRAVE.

    • More like Murica’ – Land of the FEES home of the CAGED.

  2. I’m a jury Nullification activist.

  3. Lets get this done not for us but for our future….. there are to many tombstones in this country and around the world that are there for the sake of “freedom”. We can’t them all down….. and be there for nothing.

  4. What’s there to say, we have been lied too, our history is a lie, anyone the government demonizes or criminalizes you need to look twice at, they are usually the good guys, and everyone is programed to hate them. This also holds true with anyone the gov wants to promote as a hero, later turning out to be a sick sociopath or worse.
    I am sick of our food and water being poisoned, vaccine shots killing and destroying our children. I am sick of our government who wants to murder every man woman and child in the world as useless eaters! I am sick of their narcissistic parasitic greedy low life shit!
    What does complaining solve, I sign the petitions, I post and repost getting the word out. Our military has been castrated, our senators have sold us out, the supreme court has sold America down the drain for sick greed. We have 1/4 of the population behind bars. The vets can’t get guns because of the drugs given them to help them commit murder in other countries. And people still don’t get it. We are already at war!

    • Tandalayo

      All excellent and correct observations….we are fighting for our very existence….but only a few of us know it…..


    I served this country in Vietnam. now I serve this country with the same principles as our founding fathers with love and respect of its people. FREEDOM FOR ALL AND WILL FIGHT AND DIE FOR IT. GOOD BLESS THE USA.

    • Dennis

      Thank you for your service Nick! I will do what I can to honor that service.

    • Roger Bishop

      I am a veteran of Korea and Vietnam and after seeing the shape this country is in now, I am wondering why>

  6. Mary

    I registered but now I cannot see where to put in a password so that I can “take action”

  7. Nick, I am w/you. Been there and here NOW. You and many more are not alone do not despair now, for “good men” will come to the aid of their country”, amen.

  8. airam

    Prosecute government criminals to the FULLEST extent of the laws…. MAKE EXAMPLES OF EACH AND EVERY ONE…… that should fill up the prisons to their quota’s!!!!!

  9. We need to follow this up with phone calls to representatives backing this legislation, and send a message to the NSA that we will not stand for our rights being violated, specifically the 4th amendment to constitution. They need to be shut down and nullification being the end result. When a Government agency breaks the law by illegally collecting data on it’s citizens, a state should not stand for this, and distance itself from the Government agency. If this means turning off the power to their facility the state has every right to do so. A State should not be supporting a bureaucracy that has no regard for the meaning of law and the US constitution, and should stop this wrong doing with every means at it’s disposal, or become an accessory to the criminal conspiracy to destroy the Constitution. With the NSA having the ability to blackmail at will, Federal Judges, Congressmen, even Presidents, because of whatever information that they have gleaned from a for mentioned officials emails, text messages, and phone conversations. We as the American people need to take this to our duly elected state officials and get them to do there jobs they have been elected to do, which is to defend the constitution of the United States of America, and State laws. Please get behind this legislation to criminalize the act of aiding the NSA. Gig

  10. Lynda Fox

    I have a question about fed nullification. When over 25 states vote for something, what do WE have to do to get it federally nullified? Do we just take our rights back, or, do we need to petition someone or something like that? I hesitate to tell you the issue at this time, as so many are so uninformed about it, and, I just don’t want to be lectured again. I would appreciate any help you can give us, as, we need to roll on this one, and, fast.

  11. Can you please help me with this? Here is my exact response “Article 6 “Supremacy Clause” is not without limits. “in pursuance thereof” meaning in continuation of (the Constitution). Article 10 establishes what those “limits” are. Thus the “Supremacy Clause” does NOT give cart Blanche to the federal government, and is NOT supreme over the states. In order for Article 6 to be “supreme” it must be in the confines of the Constitution itself. Many “judges, politicians, and federal pundits” have illegally misrepresented the “Supremacy Clause” and the people have allowed it through ignorance or compliance stating that it “trumps” ALL OTHER parts of the Bill of Rights and Constitution which is NOT accurate.”

    Here is the article that I addressed this to.

    I wanted to make sure that I 100% answered to this correctly. Please verify or correct me. Thank you very much.

    • lawmanjed

      Excellent summary!

  12. Tandalayo

    Just joined…and proud to do so. I am seeking that particular state or states that will have enough people and sheriffs to move forward and NULLIFY the FEDERAL GOVT. There is much tyranny going on…and congress and DOJ are part of the they do nothing to impeach the perpetrators and stop the Exec.Orders…etc. The people must rise up and do the important work here…See Americas Third Party…my brother…David J.Sponheim…on VaughnLive each night at 6 p.m….

  13. We need to move fast on this Nullification. Especially in Virginia where they are trying to undo Virginia’s constitution and override the voters rights.

  14. aaron abbott

    Who will save us from ourselves

  15. I’m a disabled security officer ,i just bought a 30.6 riffle 4 months ago ,went in to purchase a hand gun ,i use to work all armed sites , i got denied to buy a hand gun due to the federal government ,i am not a felon ,i am a united states citizen born in phoenix AZ July 23 1956 ,i am not a terrorist or even against the country that i was born in never have been committed to a institution , i have not been arrested for domestic violence and yet my rights to have a hand gun is denied ,the federal government has gone too far ,i can see if you are a ex convict or had been institutionalized ,i even have guardianship of two of my grandchildren they did a extensive back ground check on me and my wife if there was a problem we would never gotten them , i really would have gotten a hand gun for target practice, or protection , or when i go hiking in the superstition mountains ,it’s kind of awkward hiking and wearing a 30.6 on my hip ,

    • Paul

      Contact the NRA. They take up causes like this one and can tell you why it happened and whether you need to file a lawsuit. They may file on your behalf.

  16. matt

    Impeach Obama now for prevention of Thermo Nuclear War in Ukraine. Prevent The End End of human existence. Re-inact Glass Steagall. Term Limits on all people in office absolutely must be upheld. Throw out Federal Reserve debt, they are a private enterprise with nothing to do with USA. Eliminate Wal-Street an arm of the British Govt. We dont owe the Feds anything for money printed out of thin air. That interest owed is robbery. Remove the Patriot Act, NDAA and Guantanamo Bay. Throw the last three Presidential administrations in Prison and throw away the keys and no water. Reduce pay of President to 50K a year…Limit pay on all Congressmen tp 40 K…Remove monopolies and ability of corporations to donate money to political parties. Throw away all electronic fraud voting machines. Paper ballots only. Lyndon LaRouche For President. Destroy the IMP, World Bank, Bildeberg Group, Monsanto,Bohemian Grove,Skull & Bones,CFR and all Big Pharma Companies. Hang Bill Gates for crimes against Humanity. Hang the entire Royal Family for Genocide in Africa, Stop Geoengineering and HAARP for Genocide and for peaceful purposes only. Free Energy is available. Stop Big Oil…Light over comes Darkness….Irradicate the Pope and the Catholic Church…..Hang them all for Pedophilia and Satanic Worship.Remove the two headed snake which is deme-repub paradigm.

    • You have done your homework matt. The problems you listed are MAJOR reasons why the world is in decay.

  17. I am a Libertarian (former Republican). I am tired of legislation that is only half thought-out, that does not consider the unintended consequences of a law, and that infringes the rights of the majority to correct the abuses of a minority.

  18. Mark

    I am upset that the Republican Leaders in the Federal House of Legislators are supporting President Obama instead of doing what the constiuants of the Republican Party want them to do. Boehner needs to be kicked out of congress. He is a traitor to his party. The Feds do not fund laws they enact and force the states to do it. Our Armed Forces are being downsized to 1930′s size. Navy Seals and other Special ops units are using outdated technology. We still use rubber dingys with two stroke engines. Many other nations use wave runners that are 3 times or more faster, use four stroke engines, are quiet and can pull sleds behind them to have more SEALS deployed in stead of small teams. We have cut our 28 AWACS down to 21. We no longer have a global reach with the AWACS. Marines will loose 50K men(an entire division) the army 60k, the Airforce 70K and I am not sure of the Navy cut backs. Future Aircraft carriers are being postponed or cut. The Navy spent over 2 billion decomissioning the SARATOGA’ nuclear reactor. The could have mothballed it until later and used the money to update our Fleets. Moneyhas been cut to replinish Nuclear reactors on current Carriers, thus moving them out to dry dock and out of service. We are on the way to being a third rate military power while India, China, and Russia are rapidly expanding their forces into Super Power satus. We have serious breeches of laxity, unpreparedness, and security in our Nuclear Missile Silos.

  19. Debbie Phillips

    I am looking for Speakers for the Missouri 4th District Republican Womens Club. I am interested in your organization, but I need a summary and at least information on one speaker with contact information in order to list your organization. Are you interested in the listing?

  20. OATH KEEPER’S!it’s time to call for arms. we need to stop them from eroding our right’s and destroying our way of life !! these communist criminal infiltrators as of late need to be assimilated and processed into a local federal jail where our prisioners can show them the other side of law!!

  21. in my town they are selling public land for park and recrecation and charging we the people taxes to pay for it, if you dont pay they put leins on you home and send it to a sherriff sell all tax due dec 31 if not paid by aprild they go to sheiff sell in may for back taxes, this is my friend double taxation. cant get a title to your home only a deed, the way they cahrge an assessment tax is they claim that jan 1 they are due they send the notice in nove so you are late dont make any since,

  22. Abu Omar-Ali

    the government are public servants. we the people are above and more powerful than them. we have got to just stand up, STAND YOUR GROUND

  23. willrodgers3

    I agree that states have been dominated by the Fed too long. It is because many people wrongly believe the Fed has power over the state. Actually, the states often act on behalf of the Fed, but that could change. I like the California idea of withholding vital services from Federal facilities when the Fed oversteps its authority. Here’s another idea, with hold tax collected for the Feds. Just think of the billions in gas, excise and use tax that states collect for the Feds. In the current Obama created illegal Alien crisis, charge the Feds for taking in these illegals, or for sending them back to their own country. Simply hold on to the Fed portion of the tax that was collected and use it to deport all the Illegal Aliens that Obama sends to your state. In other words, charge Obama for his own Illegal Alien Crisis.

  24. Lonny Eachus

    Then you are familiar with the Fully Informed Jury association, yes?

    Former head Iloilo Jones was an acquaintance of mine. We used to correspond quite a bit.

  25. Frank

    I also resist state laws that are unconstitutional !

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