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54 thoughts on “Nullification is on the March. Help us Win for Liberty!

  1. Gregory Paul Smith

    I’d like to see a movement to glorify the Ninth Amendment!

  2. Tenth Amendment Center

    Gregory you waiting for something? Start one!

  3. Gary Gillilan

    been onboard long time.

  4. Tenth Amendment Center


  5. Val Harkness

    go mingle with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. will help your base grow.

  6. Don Coe

    Thank you Tenth Amendment Center!

  7. Jim Wall


  8. Tenth Amendment Center

    Help us stay for profit – capitalists that will not partner with the federal criminals we want to limit and nullify – http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/donate

  9. Dave Short

    I respect your position. I’d like to point out that Income Tax is voluntary.

  10. Tenth Amendment Center

    nowhere did we use the term “subsidy” – but certainly partnering with them for their discount is dangerous business. TAC is proving to be quite right on this.

  11. Tenth Amendment Center

    And more correctly, a tax discount is FAR different than them “not taking” – it is an organization trading freedom of action for the potential of being coerced less. We don’t see that as a good trade.

  12. Tenth Amendment Center

    voluntary at the point of a gun indeed. :)

  13. Richard Barton

    All of my donations to everything are IRS tax exempt.

  14. Patricia Clendenin Koltak

    Not taking can be the same as giving.

  15. James D Lynch

    The Tea Party pac says and non-deductible donator of 200 or more gets his name listed for the FED. Therefore I sent them $201. You will be my next bebeficary!

  16. Karen Sluszka

    Go to your employers and tell to take not taxes and do not file returns. HOLD ON TO YOUR MONEY THAT CANNOT PUT EVERYONE IN JAIL IF THEY HAVE NO MONEY. Congress will not be paid or any other government workers. It is the only way to scale back government and their cushy jobs.

  17. Ty Bassham

    Why dont you stand for nullification of income tax..it was never ratified nor is there a law forcing anyone to pay it. Look it up, the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional in 1913. Its the duty of Congress to issue money not some private international bank called the Federal Resourve owned by a few khazari bankers in Europe.

  18. Tenth Amendment Center

    thank you!

  19. Tenth Amendment Center

    We hope that someday you’ll consider supporting organizations like TAC and others that follow our lead and stand as for-profit capitalists – refusing to trade freedom for IRS discounts.

  20. Tenth Amendment Center

    It’s certainly a bribe. They lure organizations into their trap by promising them “non-profit” status – and it turns out that applying for such can be very dangerous.

  21. Tenth Amendment Center

    in principle – we’d advocated for an end to the income tax for many years – and run articles on our site saying that every year. But a nullification of it – that’s a process that we haven’t yet figured out.

  22. Dave Short

    I will not work for “Taxable Income” on Moral and Religious grounds. I object with all my heart and soul that tax money is funding war.
    Also, Income Tax is Voluntary. There is NO LAW that says you must even FILE taxes. So, NULLIFY THE IRS TOO!

  23. Robert Lister

    I knew you guys were worth your salt ! America TAKE note !

  24. Joshua L. Miller

    The claim that there is NO LAW that says you have to pay income taxes MAY have some validity to it. But EXTORTION IS NOT VOLUNTARY.

  25. Karen Calisterio

    Tax exempt status from the IRS is a government bribe to silence political opposition. It is to bribe citizens to only donate to IRS approved organizations.

  26. Tenth Amendment Center

    Agreed, Karen Calisterio. exactly why TAC will never go for that. Ever.

  27. Tenth Amendment Center

    Thank you! We’re hardcore. Very.

  28. Kent Gooch

    This is especially true for churchs/ministries. I had a ministry years ago and the other folks in it wanted to go 501c3 and this is exactly the reason I resisted.

  29. Janice Jones Parker

    Everyone should quit paying taxes & then there would be no need for the IRS, don’t you think that is a good idea????

  30. Kent Gooch

    When you are a 501 c X the government controls you. Youre dead on TAC.

  31. Janice Jones Parker

    The IRS can’t lock every one up, don’t have enough jails!!!

  32. Dave Short

    I do!

  33. Karen Calisterio

    There is (can’t remember who is sponsoring it) a reward that has been offered for several years now for I think something like $100,000 to anyone who can find the law that makes income tax legal. So far nobody has collected this reward. Perhaps TAC could dig this out and put it in the forefront of discussion again.

  34. Joshua L. Miller

    How to nullify the income tax?
    That’s probably something that will need other changes realized 1st in order to move towards nullifying the income tax becoming more feasible.

  35. Millie Panovec Perry

    Exactly! Being for profit doesn’t mean you have to have a profit. If indeed a charity is all its cracked up to be, all the money raised goes back into the business of doing whatever it is they do… ergo, no profit to tax!
    And the other thing about income taxes: if you read what it says at the IRS site regarding the who has to pay question, it says all those liable for the tax must pay. It doesn’t say who’s liable. It used to be only unearned income (dividends, interest, rents, royalties, etc.) was taxed… you know, rich people’s dough. Now it’s been construed into taxing one’s labor and that I think is as unconstitutional as it gets!

  36. Karen Calisterio

    I’m proud to say I belong to a church who refuses to go 501(c)3. If they ever decide to go 501(c)3 I’ll be looking for a new church.

  37. Dave Short

    Excellent Salary comparison explanation.

  38. Michael K McKay

    I, too, refuse to apply for tax-exempt status for Regina Caeli Ministries & St. Camillus Chapel. With out being ‘bound’ by the government, I am more free to preach and act as my Lord leads.

  39. Dave Short

    I’m speaking in general. Everyone has their own issues.

  40. Margaret Bassett

    Just made my contribution!

  41. Bonita Burns McGrath

    Good for you. Do not bend, that goes on too much, anymore… Stand tall.

  42. Richard Arnett

    glad to see principal before money

  43. Chuck Ellinger

    Yes, don’t dance with the devil. But the devil is the devil, and when he notices you won’t dance, then you will pique his interest. Good for you not validating the IRS, but the government is coming for all of us.

  44. Mark West

    “Any person who sacrifices a little liberty for a little security deserves neither and looses both” – Benjamin Franklin

  45. Voltis Alan Dylen

    This actually requires a majority of the country to do it, in order to succeed. Every individual who has made the attempt (and been found and tried,) in the last century, has been successfully prosecuted.
    Companies who do not pay taxes on behalf of their employees are also held liable. Your employer will be prosecuted if they follow your advise and are discovered by the IRS.
    The only way to avoid taxes is to either not make income, not be a resident, or both. Otherwise, your only hope is to change tax laws — and according to the Supreme Court, tax laws are legal and constitutional. You’ll have to change millions of minds, before this kind of protest will change the way the government works.
    Living by a barter system may be some kind of loophole, but I suspect that taking enough services or property at a certain monetary equivalent would still garner a summons to pay tax.

  46. Allan Collison

    Skunk in Rat Hole Tight Fit..If this makes us “extremists”, or “terrorists”, then so be it. I, for one, am tired of the long running game of lies and reserved rhetoric. They know a fight is coming, and we know a fight is coming. Let’s just admit it and be done with it. Their greatest weakness is that they have to use deceit, propaganda, media monopoly, and false flag violence in order to convince the public that they are the “right side”. All we have to do is continue telling the truth, and stand fast…

  47. JT Jackson Jr.

    My admiration for your sight just went off the chart. Repeal the 16th amendment.

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