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54 thoughts on “Nullification is on the March. Help us Win for Liberty!

  1. Jeffrey D Armstrong

    I appreciate your stand on principle.

  2. Sylvia Sanchez

    Is there any reason why the IRS office in Central California would be closed today? Something tells my gut that there must be something wrong. We are Big in Agriculture and cattle and dairy, and most folks here are very conservative, contrary to what most people hear about California, we do our part to push what we hold dear, but for the IRS to be close must mean they must have done a big NO-NO.

  3. Mary Hackett

    Can’t serve two masters. IRS is a god. If Christians only give to ‘write it off’, then they are not honoring God either.

  4. Phillip Pence

    “Profit” is NOT a dirty word. It is what made America great before liberals started their march into socialism starting in the early 1900′s

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