Understanding Limited Government

Kevin Gutzman’s new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, might be the best available overview of the principles of limited government as espoused by the Tenth Amendment.

After reading this book, you’ll see quite clearly that the original constitution has very little in common with how this government is run today (if you haven’t noticed already!) The 10th Amendment has been pushed aside and the federal government runs rampant – exercising powers that the founders would never have dreamed of giving to any politician.



Guest Commentary by Becky Akers Published with Permission from LewRockwell.com Maine’s state legislature “RESOLVED” almost unanimously last week that it will “refuse… to implement the REAL ID Act….” As if that weren’t enough, it “implores the United States Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act…” What? Go ahead and re-read it. Took me a few…


REAL ID: Real Resistance

Kudos to the Maine Legislature! InformationWeek Reports: Legislators in Maine have refused to implement the Real ID Act and are calling on Congress to repeal it. The Maine Senate and House of Representatives passed a joint resolution Thursday demanding the repeal of the law and announcing they were the first state lawmakers in the country…