In response to increased “security” measures forced upon the people at airports around the country – naked body scanners, “enhanced pat downs,” and more, legislation is being proposed to protect the right of the people to be secure in “their persons, houses, papers, and effects.”

CLICK HERE TO VIEW the Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation – and recommend that your state legislators introduce in your state this year.

Legend: Blue – Introduced. Yellow – Passed one or more houses. Green – Passed Both Houses. Red – Became Law. Black – Failed Vote

2013 Legislation (scroll down for previous session activity)

2012 Legislation

2011 Legislation

93 thoughts on “TSA: Freedom to Travel Legislation

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  2. Steven G Poyzer

    I don’t fly anymore!

  3. John Bush

    Give em hell. My dream, which could become a reality, is that Texas and NH do away with scanners and my family and I can fly back and forth unmolested from Lone Star Libertopia to the Free State. Thanks Tenth Amendment Center for helping to make my dream a reality!

  4. Jane Payne

    what bull.

  5. Joe Coffey

    But there are still way-too-many of the gullible people that will not pay attention to reality and therefore they still believe that government is just trying to take care of us. As you know, there are a lot of other terms that also apply to such people.

  6. Matthew Gilbert

    I wish I had a TSA agent guarding my house, I’d feel so much safer!

  7. Steven Anders

    I only fly on business when I absolutely have to and always “opt out,” preferring the sexual groping to the porno-screens. Liberty?

  8. Lloyd Cromer

    Sounds promising, but the Feds know that money talks. Take away Federal funding from these states, and the bills will soon be a distant memory. Bottom line is that the Feds are bullies and know how to get their way. In the end, the people suffer the most.

  9. Ric Weide

    TSA functions are a direct violation of the 4th amendment. It needs to be disposed of!

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