Originally introduced and passed in Montana, the FFA declares that any firearms made and retained in-state are beyond the authority of Congress under its constitutional power to regulate commerce among the states. The FFA is primarily a Tenth Amendment challenge to the powers of Congress under the commerce clause, with firearms as the object. (source, FirearmsFreedomAct.com)

The Intrastate Commerce Act (track legislation here) does the same thing as the FFA in regards to firearms, but also expands the principle to all products grown, produced, and manufactured within the state.

CLICK HERE – Firearms Freedom Act Talking Points from the Tenth Amendment Center.
(tri-fold brochure, printable in color or b/w, pdf format)

2013 Legislation (scroll down for previous session activity)
Legend: Blue – Introduced. Yellow – Passed one or more houses. Green – Passed both houses.
Red – Became Law. Purple/Black – Failed Vote.

2012 Legislation

2011 Legislation

2009-2010 Legislation

141 thoughts on “Firearms Freedom Act

  1. Greg Butko

    This is a healthy sign. Legislators in several states working to take back sovereignty and restore Constitutional government. The next step that has to be taken is to replace Representatives and Senators who don't support states rights. Then, the House needs to introduce impeachment proceedings against Supreme Court Justices who exhibit bad behavior. Contrary to popular belief, Supreme Court Justices do not serve lifetime appointments. They serve for periods of GOOD BEHAVIOR. I contend that erroneous decisions constitute bad behavior.

  2. Brian

    You can rest assured we will be tested by the federalies and the jack booted thugs of the atf. The atf is not, I repeat is not under oath to the CONSTITUTION. They are a ROGUE group used to usurp local AUTHORITY and subvert THESE PEOPLE OF THE united STATES. Have talked with them, questioned their loyalties in an open forum. ASKED them straight out if Representatives gave them orders against the CONSTITUTION would they do it? answer is YES. They are the SS of the NWO. Be sure that this war is in it’s infancy and there will be numerous battles. These criminals will not just roll over and give up their stolen acquisitions easily. They intend to subvert and subjugate the population by force. Resistance should be from conviction from our part, not just hey I’m a week end warrior. This is going to be for the long haul.As our challenge grows to their usurpation and the criminals feel threatened, they will choose their test case to see if they will fold. Oklahoma looks likely. We need to stand by them and if necessary go there to physically support their efforts. Consider what is being said here. This has happenned before in past history. Can get ugly or diificult.
    Anyone remember the History of the UNCIVIL WAR. District of Criminals hates being challenged. That’s part of the reason for the 5th Army being started by Bush and strengthened by butt head. There are battles ahead, count the costs and consider your contribution level you are willing to expend. How much do you value your freedom ? It may take all we have to eventually see this out to it’s end.

    • Not to burst your bubble, Brian; but ATF agents DO take the traditional Oath to “protect and defend the Constitution.” I wonder what happened to “preserve”? I’m not advocating one way or another with respect to the plethora of issues you present; but this movement must depend on Truth as its foundation. That means that there is the POTENTIAL that you may find your local ATF agent a friend – IF he takes his Oath seriously – which many do. Your presentation largely eliminates that possibility. Let’s rely on Truth rather than creating monsters that might not be there. Friends are good, no?

  3. Allisio Rex

    Those with States convictions can easily regain firearms rights. The problem is with federal convictions.There are no avenues to ever regain firearms rights after a federal conviction no matter how minor it is or how old it is. There is bill in Congress named "Second Chance for non-violent offenders" but has died on the table of those skunks at the House Judiciary Committee without any consideration. Has been introduced and re-introduced by Congressman Charles Rangel of NY for the past ten years. It's not fair that States can offer expungements,other civil rights restorations but not the federal government.
    There is more information on this site:http://www.usapoliticaltyranny.info
    It is a shared understanding by reasonably people that one should be able to possess a firearm for self-defense.

  4. John A. Bardelli

    Anybody here understand the history of the Civil War?

    • Johnny Reb

      "Yes", when your army has the federal governments army "on the run", don't stop pursuing them until total victory.
      Take the fight to the feds early and end it only after total victory.
      "Oh and don't lose control of your ports and the Mississippi river."

  5. The legend doesn't indicate what green means.

    • Definitely an oversight on our part, thanks for pointing that out! Fixed.

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