Such laws would require that all federal taxes come first to the state’s Department of Revenue. A panel of legislators would assay the Constitutional appropriateness of the Federal Budget, and then forward to the federal government a percentage of the federal tax dollars that are delineated as legal and Constitutionally-justified. The remainder of those dollars would be assigned to budgetary items that are currently funded through federal allocations and grants or returned to the people of the state.

Legend: Blue – Introduced. Yellow – Passed one or more houses.
Red – Became Law. Black – Failed Vote.

2011 Legislation

2010 Legislation

26 thoughts on “State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Funds Act

  1. Harold Moody

    I have been saying this very thing for a long time. It is the way it should be.
    We should not have to beg our gov. for anything, they work for US…….

    • banderashovel

      if we want the fed. gov. to stop spending our moneys–stop sending to them..each state that wants out should also do this..

  2. Stephen

    Why are the American people giving all of their hard earned money to the Federal Gov't? If Americans knew the truth behind the Income Tax, they'd revolt tomorrow. Article I, Section 9 states NO DIRECT TAXES WITHOUT APPORTIONMENT. The gov't states the 16th Amendment gave them the right to tax directly without apportionment. How can that be if the 16th Amendment did not repeal Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution?

    The Supreme Court being aware of the confusing language in the 16th Amendment stated:

    “The contentions under it (the 16th amendment), if acceded to would cause one provision of the Constitution to destroy another; that is, they would result in bringing the provisions of the amendment exempting a direct tax from apportionment into irreconcilable conflict with the general requirement that all direct taxes be apportioned. …this result, instead of simplifying the situation and making clear the limitations on the taxing power…would create radical and destructive changes in our constitutional system and multiply confusion.”
    BRUSHABER v. UNION PACIFIC R. CO., 240 US 1 (1916)

    The Supreme Court said this 3 years AFTER the 16th Amendment.

  3. Brook

    Americans would be appalled, if they really knew where all our federal tax dollars go. I read a report that Nancy Pelosi is not only having herself, but her children as well flown around now on military jets. We have a Dept Of Education office building — IN FRANCE! The Pentagon and CIA and NSA demand more and more money and cloak it all under nat'l security. Enough already! I just clicked on the link above and sent it to my state senator. He is a great guy and already has 2 bills to nullify federal laws in play in my state.

    Take the time out to click the GA link above, copy it and send it to your representatives. We are in deep trouble, and only the states can save us now. Washington is out of control.

  4. Blaine Swaney

    i think we need to do something fast but what

    • banderashovel

      simply say –NO MORE..and stick to it…it is time to put our foot down…i'm in…

    • prsmith

      I checked out the page re. estoppel which originated back in March of '07 as near as I can tell. It is now 2010 and tens of millions of Americans have just blindly filed their tax returns and sent trillions of dollars to the Fed. If what you say is true, why does the IRS continue to function in the face of such legal challenges? How do we stop them from breaking the law?

  5. Brushaber was a Citizen of New York (read State Citizen,
    not a federal citizen).

    The Union Pacific Railroad Company is a Federal DOMESTIC
    corporation — created by Act of Congress.

    See "The Federal Zone" for full details.

    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, Author and Private Attorney General

  6. Gene Bolsoni

    The 16 amendment was never radifed, in 1913 phelender knox < secturary of state > with presedent wilson a progressive pushed it threw congress .1 its volintary 2 you give up your 4th & 5th amendment rights by signing 3 direct taxes are and were never ment to reach individuals they fought a war over direct taxes artical 1 sec 8 par 1 the congress shell have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts,and excies ,to pay debts and provide for the common defence and general walfare of the united states ; <not people> but all duties , imposts, and excies shell be uniform throughout the United States

    • Hoppy

      How sure are you that the Ammendment was never ratified? Just which States did Ratify it after Passage and when did they do so? If you have accurate information on this you need to put it on YouTube and Face Book

  7. This makes perfect sense. I never understood why the income tax and government spending were never protested to any great extent. This census year, like previous ones, sees claims of "send in your census form so the (federal) government can provide better _______________ (fill in the blank). A travesty, since the federal government CANNOT spend money for those things anyway. If more money went to local and state government people would have more (or less) money for roads, schools, police, fire (their choice) to spend.

  8. Lets make it happen! I appreciate any kind of support from you. Until we restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government, we wil get the same budget busting, unconstitutional, out of control Congress.
    Thank you,

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