Twice each year (Around the Christmas Season and June-July) the Tenth Amendment Center holds a pledge drive to cover much-needed large expenses and costs for major project over a 6 month period. Additionally, each month we raise funds to cover some of the basics that are left over. The reason we calculate it like this is because different people like to help us out at different times of the year. And while a larger percentage tends to do so during the main fundraising drives, it allows us to spread some of our needed fundraising out throughout the fiscal year.

A BIG “Thank You!” goes out to all of you who have been helping us hit our goals!

What are those funds being used for? These twice-yearly major funding goals help us cover our big projects – producing some events, creating video projects, doing direct outreach, national team salaries, computer equipment, accounting expenses, books and other inventory, website hosting and all the other things that ensure we keep our lights on.

But beyond those big picture items, we have a number of smaller monthly bills that are required as well – and we believe splitting it up like this makes pledge drives much more manageable for us – and for all of you who give us pledges and gifts to cover the bills. This also allows us to be flexible, and we don’t get stuck with budgeting for one particular item over 6 months – even if it doesn’t work. We have some projects that we know will last that period, but others – well, we basically do the rest on a month-to-month plan.

Please consider helping us out with a gift to help us in our work. You can do so at this link.


For details and results of our “Teach 150,000 people to nullify” campaign that ran from Nov 2014 – Jan 2015, visit this link. (you can still contribute to that campaign there as well)


In the interest of providing as much transparency as possible – the following is a common list of our monthly expenses, which amount to just about $5000/month.

225 – ESP (email newsletter providers)
105 – internet (2)
2500 – part time staffing (varies)
250 – website and shopping cart host (online store, varies w/bandwidth)
100 – various apps (database, site toolbars, online forms, etc)
29 – Online CS forum
20 – Banking fees
60 – office supplies (varies)
1700 – Action Alert  and other marketing campaigns
20 – stamps
45 – communications