When you donate to the Tenth Amendment Center, where do those funds go? Please read on to get more details about our expenses, and our approach to covering them.

Every year around Christmas, TAC holds a pledge drive to cover much-needed large expenses and costs for major projects. For example, in late 2014 we ran a campaign to fund the creation of a 26-video series, which is currently in production today.

Beyond these major projects, we have monthly expenses that must be covered to get the job done. The reason we break it down like this is because different people are able to help us out at different times of the year. And while a larger percentage tends to do so during the main fundraising drives, it allows us to spread some of our needed fundraising out throughout the fiscal year.

Our goals are modest in comparison to the task we’ve taken on. That is, pushing back against 100+ years of federal power growth, and the entire establishment on both the left and right. But, we’re extremely dedicated, and extremely good at what we do. With a budget that matches a drop in the bucket compared to the billions being used to attack liberty, we’ve built a viable movement to push back against Washington D.C.

Keep in mind, though, the more we raise, the more we can do. If we could double our monthly budget, for example, we could move a part-time team member to full time, significantly expand our reach through advertising, and much more. But, we need to have realistic goals to ensure we can budget properly.  If you’d like to make a large gift to help us get to a higher level, please contact us by email – or call anytime: 213.935.0553

Please consider helping us out with a gift to help us in our work. You can do so at this link.


For details and results of our “Teach 150,000 people to nullify” campaign that ran from Nov 2014 – Jan 2015, visit this link. (you can still contribute to that campaign there as well)


While some of these expenses are fixed, some do vary, especially a marketing budget. For example, if we really need to build awareness about a nullification bill vote coming up, we’ll likely increase our online advertising budget to inform  more people about the effort, encouraging their action in support. It makes a big difference!  Over all, however, our monthly budget is consistently around $6000/month. We will raise this and increase our reach as we’re able to.

225 – ESP (email newsletter providers)
105 – internet (2)
3500 – part time staffing (varies)
250 – website and shopping cart host (online store, varies w/bandwidth)
100 – various apps (database, site toolbars, online forms, etc)
29 – Online CS forum
20 – Banking fees
60 – office supplies (varies)
1700 – Action Alert  and other marketing campaigns
20 – stamps
45 – communications