Pick 1-2 of the following bills. CALL your state representative and senator to encourage their action right now. Strongly, but respectfully make sure they know you want them to introduce and support this legislation.

1) The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, get it here
2) Hemp Freedom Act, get it here
3) Gold-Silver Bullion Depository, get it here
4) Stop Federal Militarization of Police, get it here
5) Privacy: Stingrays, ALPRs, Drones, NSA, get it here
6) Asset Forfeiture, get it here
7) P.E.A.C.E. (Preventing Excessive Allocations for Cannabis Enforcement) Act, get it here
8) 5 Steps to Stop Obamacare, get it here
9) Defend the Guard Act, get it here
10) The Constitutional Tender Act, get it here

CONTACT INFO HERE: http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

Note: We recommend no more than 2 bills per legislator, as it will take considerable time and energy to work the bill through the legislator process.  If you’d like to see all the bills introduced, work to find another sponsor after you’ve secured one for the first 2 bills.


154 thoughts on “Model Legislation

  1. Juanita J Dori

    Live free or die.

  2. Kathy Smith

    Free the US Citizen Cannabis Prisoners of War instead of non us citizen foreign invaders and labor scabs in HONOR of Sequestration….us patent document 6630507 makes dea schedule I classification officially, scientifically, and biologically invalid since Oct 7 2003–OVER NINE YEARS AGO. Plus “We the People” OWN the patent through the us citizen taxpayer funded US Dept of Health and Human Services who was awarded the patent following us taxpayer funded NIH research. Choom Ganger Obummer shows he is not an American Patriot by releasing foreign criminals instead of his own people.

  3. Tessa B. Dick

    we are all slaves

  4. Anthony Herrera

    Help me out here and explain why my statement here is false….Nullification is a lie, it does not exist, except to pander to a minority of voters. This notion of tell the Fed to stick it did not go well for the South during the Civil War, did not stop integration in the 60’s, never even slowed the beginning of the Federal Income tax in 1862 and one could go on and on about Federal Mandates that the States follow today. The false belief presented to a minority of voters by politicians and certain political organizations have no legal value, they are pandering to a minority for votes, it akin to Ole George Wallace standing on the steps of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama. Remember how that show pandering for votes turned out. That Federal Mandate stands today…Explain why anyone would believe todays mandates are any different.

  5. Ray Cotte

    AMEN !

  6. Harry Case

    Unless we get on our knees, and repent in humility to the Almighty, our nullification will come to naught and we will live on our knees. God is not mocked and what our nation is sowing, it will also reap.

  7. Stanley Dodson Jr

    Well, it is about our second to last resort. We do have the duty and right to change our government by force.

  8. Tenth Amendment Center

    ok, so you’ll be calling on the feds to arrest all the cancer patients in states that are nullifying federal laws on marijuana…..or your’e a hypocrite…

  9. John Reiner

    Right on. TAC! Note, CL has 21 likes. AH has none! T’would seem AH just doesn’t get it any more than the treasonous government he serves. ‘nough said!

  10. David Emigh

    You can do better than that, Tenth Amendment Center: nullification (and the many other maintenance tools built into this high-performance machine we call The Constitution) do not work if 1.) people do not know about them 2.) those who do do not use them. TAC and the ever growing list of other patriot sites/pages/orgs are first and foremost INFORMATION hubs, putting those maintenance tools into more and more hands. The secessionists (revolutionary, civil, and more) of old couldn’t even dream of having a platform like we do here. These tools are not a lie, they are an integral part of the unique system we are supposed to have, and we are training a huge league of mechanics.

  11. Tenth Amendment Center

    Well, Justin. We’re not going to be dying. We’re going to be living long and prospering in our defiant resistance against the Federal Government and continue to grow in numbers. Sorry.

  12. Dallis Gillum


  13. Anthony Herrera

    So both John and TAC must agree that even with nullification the Fed still can enforce Federal Law as they choose. Though State Law is in place the Fed will close dispensaries in California, and has seized bank accounts of many dispensary owners. The larger question on nullification is this if it is real and binding on the Fed, using your example regarding California State Law, how does the Fed close the dispensaries and seize owner assets without interference from California Law Enforcement?

  14. Tenth Amendment Center

    dude, there are over 1000 dispensaries in LA alone. don’t believe the hype. And no, that’s not the “real question” – it might be YOUR question….and we can respect that.

  15. Jeremy Dobbs

    Kneel to God and no man

  16. Justin Clark

    I doubt that very much

  17. Anthony Herrera

    You are sidestepping the question on nullification. If it is a real lawful way to circumvent Federal Law why did the California State Police and other California Law enforcement officers just stand by and allow the Fed to be a pain. In my opinion even with the State Law in place California Attorney General and Law Enforcement know without doubt their State Law is second to Federal Law.

  18. David Emigh

    The tools are valid and there for a reason, Anthony. They are useless if we don’t use them, and only effective if enough of us use them. We are here to to expand their knowledge and use.

  19. Anthony Herrera

    If in fact nullification was valid, the California Attorney General and California Law Enforcement Officers would have enforced California State Law. California Law Enforcement knows better, they in fact did not, and to this day have not stopped even one Federal Marshall from enforcement of Federal Law. So much for State Law.

  20. David Emigh

    Your circular logic is certainly free of loose ends, but an overreaching agency refusing to stop overreaching somehow does not validate overreach.

  21. David Emigh

    We’ve kept you talking long enough, Anthony, to let you make our point for us, but it might be time to move along to another sideshow now. If any of this govt crap succeeds, and no denying it very well might, it will be because of fraidy-cats like you. We are not afraid, and we will continue to put some backbone into our friends and neighbors. Take some or not, as you see fit.

  22. Anthony Herrera

    There is but one way to stop the Fed. Repair the Republican Party get the required 38 States behind an idea, and work within established law that the Fed or Supremes do not have control of. Much of the “talk” and anger has damaged/split the Party to a point that they are powerless even with a Republican House Majority. If this keeps up the Democrats will remain in the White House for many years to come.

  23. John Reiner

    Gentlemen,sadly, the truth is: we are so fractionated as a country, with so many hyphenated Americans. Add another hyphenate of party, regardless, and the chance of a majority of Americans coming together, aka, E Pluribus Unum, becomes less than possible. No one seems willing to give up their little piece of whatever for the good of America. One thing politicians are together on is their ability to divide and conquer to retain their avarice for our wealth and their power. Read Gibbon’s “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire,” and you may begin to get it. In the end, Rome imploded from the inside out and, afterward, the world experienced 600 years of the Dark Ages. You have not learned from history, you are condemned to repeat it. Our Constitution was suspended by the traitor, FDR, in the 1930s and remains so to this day. It exists only as window dressing. History shows only two ways to restore freedom and liberty once tyranny has taken hold. Either the tyrant see the errors of his ways, and restores our Republic… not likely. Or, WE THE PEOPLE remove the tyrant by force of arms… today, also not likely. Until America is ready to lock, load, and go to work, she is lost. So, AH, et al, you better get your heads screwed on straight. When the tyrant is fully entrenched, it is the useful idiots like you who are the first to be “re educated.” You have until 2014!

  24. Kevin McClintock

    Number 1,

  25. Phyllis Litman

    The Fed’s taking over the Education was a big fat Unconstitutional Socialist move! Just like kicking all these illegals out of States and keeping them out is a States Rights issue! Education agency Another Useless corrupt Socialist Unconstitutional Agency just like the so called Energy, FDA, EPA and all these alphabet agencies and all these programs, taxes, and on and on that should of never been started by the Feds including the Marxist tax system, IRS, Social Security or Medicare it is all Unconstitutional much less OBOBOtax-Deathcare! These are all States Rights issues that each state and the citizen’s of those states decides if they want or do not want and better be able to pay for at all because they will collapse with no help from anybody! Each state was suppose to be their own Sovereign State like a country and decide all these issues! This goes with the Feds interfering in the private sector, Social issues or economics! The Feds were never to be involved in any of these issues! Period! These are all State Rights issues! Period! The Feds with no Rights were suppose to be about 3 powers that We the People and the States were in control of of with all the powers and Rights! The People of each State had all the Rights and power in their State! The States can’t even trump the Constitution and Amendments, not even the States can infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights or any Bill of Rights or the Constitution with it’s amendments at all much less the Feds! The Whole idea for the 10th Amendment was genius by our founding father’s! Each state was suppose to be run like a Sovereign country with their own economy and deciding all Private sector, Social and economic issues of each state! The thought and the way it was suppose to be is that in our case 50 states working in their own states could come up with great ideas that maybe another state might want to adopt in their own state like a big laboratory! Also, each state was in danger of the corruption of Socialism (tyranny was the word for Socialism in the founders day) and if they bankrupted their state and collapsed through corruption they had no help from another state and would not collapse the other 49 states! The POS for example like bankrupt Socialist slave states like CA, NY, Illinois and others would of already been collapsed and had to start fresh on their own without taking other states down with them! The way it is now with the Feds taking over 95% Unconstitutionally through Socialism with all this blanket Socialism on every state it will collapse all 50 states which this has been going on for about 150 years from just before the Civil War to date and we are at the end of the line drowning in Socialism caused by the Unconstitutional Socialist Federal Government to collapse into a third world Socialist Police State in our lifetime! :-Z

  26. Ken Adamson

    This should’ve been done in 2010 in Obama’s first mid-term.

  27. David Emigh

    Might be pure semantics, but I’ve always thought “God Bless America” was a bit backwards. The understood clause in that statement is “That We May Live Free and Prosper”. Shouldn’t it be: “America Bless God (that we may live free and prosper)”?

  28. Steven May

    Lets be clear the federal government has no power we do not give them and I have bad knees , so let us stop talking and get busy , let’s take our country back , we cannot be stopped if we unite and stand together ! Make a plan with like minded individuals in your neighborhood don’t get caught sleeping when you need to act !

  29. Stacy Lynne

    nullify obama

  30. Ed Cain

    #3 Fight for Liberty

  31. John Keene

    Pretty vulgar, in my humble opinion. I have to hide this

  32. Joel Poindexter

    Ha ha ha! “Back slash, suck it.”

  33. LuAnne DePriest

    Must we be vulgar about it? =/

  34. Mary Lou Berner

    How is this vulgar????? Do you not suck on lillipops, straws, etc.?????? This administration needs to go suck on rotten eggs as far as I am concerned!!!!! They are nothing but a bunch of rotten eggs anyway!!!!! This is only vulgar if your mind is in the gutter to begin with!!!!!

  35. Patrick J Hatwan

    BRAVO….time to move. This is our REMEDY.

  36. Holly Stowe


  37. Patrick J Hatwan

    One of the most miraculous aspects of the 10th Amendment is that it provided a pathway for preservation and protection. Preservation of UNCHANGING Law—–only change can be by lawful amendment process, and for protection of that which was established at our Founding….they KNEW we would need to rely on this as a bridge to our future.

  38. Tenth Amendment Center


  39. Eddie Bigelow

    I agree with the sentiment, but attitudes and appearances do matter if you want your cause to be taken seriously. After all, y’all are busy trying to educate and persuade state and local bureaucrats about state sovereignty.

  40. LuAnne DePriest

    Please, Mary Lou. You know as well as I do where this originated. It is vulgar, period. And young people know it is. My mind is not in the gutter, thank you very much for the ignorant accusation (ignorant because you don’t know me at all). This administration needs to be impeached, not suck rotten eggs. Big difference in terminology and action. Kinda like the difference between childhood and adulthood.

  41. Tim Dean

    Refuse to comply on an individual level.
    The only thing you have to lose in this fight for freedom is the same thing all soldiers in all wars and our founders risked… Life, Liberty & Property. Small things really when compared to freedom for future generations.
    Resistance to the Fascist Corporate Socialists, their political class Democrat & Neocon cronies and their corrupt welfare state “entitlement” dependent debt serfs is NOT Futile!
    Define Evil: “Those who force their will upon others who are harming no one but themselves.” Evil uses Hubris, Envy, Hate & Fear (false evidence appearing real) to control the weak-minded.

  42. Mary Lou Berner

    Thank you LuAnne DePriest for sharing your opinion with me and everyone else!!!!! It is not vulgar to suck on straws, lollipops,ice cream cones,etc.!!!!! I use the expression ‘go suck on rotten eggs’ ALL the time!!!!! LuAnne have you ever eaten tainted eggs????? If you have you were admitted to a hospital because you would litterally die from ingesting rotten eggs!!!!! As you said to me ‘you don’t know me’–the same GOES BACK AT YOU!!!!! So have a Blessed Triune God Day LuAnne!!!!! Shalom/Peace!!!!!

  43. Nick Hankoff

    Hey, they ARE leeches.

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