No Sunlight on the Omnibus

by Rep Ron Paul

One Christmas tradition Congress could do without is the broken process of passing the annual Omnibus Spending Bill, which we recently did right before the holiday recess.

Every December Congress fights and argues over spending and never seems to be able to pass the necessary appropriations until the very last minute.  There is panic and threats of government shut downs and reduction in essential services.  And they always threaten the essential services, as if there is no waste they could possibly eliminate instead. 


Free People and Free Markets

by Clay Barham,

At this time in man’s history, we know more about how the human body works. With this knowledge, we know more about the kinds of behaviors to avoid in order not to harm the body. We know more about engineering and construction today, and what designs and behaviors to avoid that cause collapse. We know more about weather, to predict and avoid its harmful effects. Knowing more about everything helps us to live better in our world. Somehow, we refuse to learn more about our social and economic life. Knowledge would help us avoid behaviors that disrupt it.

We should reduce our economy to its parts and see how they work together. Then, we can better understand economics. First is the human element, the individual. Second is the community of individuals who interact with each other. Our economy is that interaction. If each individual simply sat on a log, hoping God would give him a meal, he would starve. He must fend for himself. If he mates and has children, he must feed, clothe, shelter and protect them. He must act responsibly. If he acts alone, he will provide for the moment. If injured and unable to act, his family may not survive. His actions are purposeful, for survival of self and family. Being different from others in his community, he has certain skills, attributes and deficiencies. Others can make up for the deficiencies, so everyone cooperates for a community purpose of survival.