The America-Haters Strike Again

I occasionally get emails from people who tell me that I hate America. They tell me that I’m destroying our country, and that the world would be better off if I would just go live in some Communist nation.

These people equate love of America with allegiance to the government, and patriotism with loyalty to their favorite politicians. Sometimes people tell me that they wish I would be thrown out of the country, tried for treason, or even executed.

Here’s a common example (spelling and all):

your a traitor and should be executed just like your friend sadaam

The words differ from email to email, but the overall theme stays the same. Why do you hate America? Why are you such a racist? or, Why do you love “the terrorists?”

The most common, though, is what I call the “get out” email


Liberty with a Backbone

The life of a liberty activist is not always the easiest road to follow. Sticking to principles and not simply selling out to the highest bidder can make it even tougher. We work long, long hours and get attacked from all sides of the political spectrum.

Just by keeping the message the same, we see shifts over who leads those attacks too. For example, during the Bush years, we’d often get conservatives attacking us for opposing his unconstitutional policies.


We hear things like –

“Are you with the terrorists? Bush is just trying to keep us safe. That’s his job!”

Or the classic…

“You don’t like it here? Move to Cuba, commie!”