The Plan: Stop Obamacare in the States

Obamacare can still be stopped.

And no, it’s not going to be stopped by McConnell and Boehner – or Roberts and Scalia.  It’s going to be stopped by people like you – pressing your state to resist.  In fact, Obamacare’s ability to become reality in the long term is like a house of cards.  The act is not viable economically and unstable politically.  The only way it can gain a foothold at this point is through compliance in the states.  Resistance will kill it.


The Union: Who Made It?

John Taylor, of Caroline County Virginia, was the preeminent theorist of Jeffersonian Old Republicanism. He was a strong advocate of individual and states rights in the face of the growing power of the federal government (“tyranny”) and opposed increased tariffs and mercantilist economic policy. Taylor was largely responsible for guiding the Virginia Resolution, written by James…


Nullification News: 15 Bills Moved Forward This Week

It was a big week for the nullification movement, with more than 15 bills moving forward, including an Arizona bill to shut down a critical enforcement mechanism for the Affordable Care Act and Virginia bills that would help bring down a recently-revealed nationwide license-plate tracking program. WATCH IT: An Arizona house panel voted 5-1 to…