Guerrilla Jurors: Sticking it to Leviathan

Citizens in our (once) free republic founded under the English common law system, have both the power and the right to vote according to conscience when they sit on a jury and can vote not guilty even in the face of the law and in the face of the evidence. The defendant also has a right to expect that his jury will be fully informed of their rightful power to vote “not guilty” if they believe justice requires it, regardless of the evidence. Anything less is not a real jury trial.


TAC’s Benjamin Gross Just Blocks Away From Boston Explosion: His Unique Perspective

For Immediate Release: April 23, 2013 Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center legal analyst Benjamin Gross was just blocks away when the first bomb detonated at the Boston Marathon finish line, giving him a unique perspective on that day and its aftermath. About an hour before two explosions ripped through the heart of the city, Gross finished…


Nullification and Amnesty

There can be no doubt that whatever the federal government ends up forcing upon us, it will mean less freedom for us personally, and more power for it in the long run. Short of blanket amnesty and an end to all of the coercive, dictatorial power being wielded by the Feds, the states ought to nullify any piece of legislation that comes as a result of this go around at immigration reform. Just like sanctuary cities have been established in certain parts of the country, states ought to declare themselves sanctuaries.