States Are Going for the Gold (and Silver)!

by Doug Tjaden, Sound Money Center

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Over the past several years, our debt-backed fiat Federal Reserve Notes have been on a steady march toward the same end every other fiat system has met – the currency graveyard.  Consequently, the argument to use gold and silver as constitutional tender has occasionally broken into the news cycle.  Each time however, the mainstream media quickly shouted it down, using their favorite zombie phrases (a tip of the hat to Dr. Thomas Woods). “Barbarous relic!” “Economic dinosaurs!” And my personal favorite, “Bags of gold and silver coins!”

Unfortunately, the public bought the rhetoric, and thus the idea that one can actually use constitutional tender in the 21 century was lost in the 24 hour news cycle.  For those who understand where we are in the fiat death cycle, this has been frustrating to say the least.

However, today Europe is threatening to implode and the United States is hurling headlong into the second dip of the “great recession.”  This has brought the issue of sound money back into the marketplace of ideas.  Will it get lost in the media noise of the already contentious 2012 Presidential race?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I believe it will be a major subject in next summer’s debates.